Now You Earn, Now You Don't

I'll tell you a story, there was once a kid who dreamed of becoming rich someday. This kid studies very hard until he finished with the highest awards during college. He never had any problem finding his first job shortly after graduation. He was given a high starting salary more than what he expected for a fresh graduate. His lives a comfortable life. He does not need to share his family's expenses since his parents run a family business and it is doing great. Just like any typical single employee, he loves going to Friday parties, loves shopping for new clothes, loves travelling almost every month, loves to spend whatever he earned. Anyway, he wants to celebrate his success and fruits of hardwork.

Several years later, he married his girlfriend for five years and been blessed with three children. Now, since he is already a father, his expenses are all for his family and education of his children. Together with his wife, they raised their kids until they all become independent. Fast forward to retirement, our little kid realized something. Now that he and his wife is now retired, where will he get money to use for his daily, monthly and yearly expenses for the rest of their lives. Of course he can ask from his children but what if all of them has already their own families and their income is just enough for their own? Let us see what the kid could have done to avoid this scene in his life.

He could have lived in frugality.

The money he spent with luxuries could have been spent to other more important things. He can still live a better life while not overspending to unnecessary things. Or at least he should have minimized the expenses.

He could have saved.

Did you know that if had saved for at least 2,000 per month for 30 years, the money without any growth will be 720,000. And if he happens to save it to any bank account with at least 3% per year interest, then he could have been living with 1.2 million.

He could have invested.

Bank savings account are good but if he still has long years to live, then he should have opted for more bigger gains from stocks or mutual fund investments or even try in forex trading. Investment had more risks than your piggy bank savings account but has bigger rewards.

He could have started a business.

Aside from his day job, he could have started a business from what he does best. This business can also be inherited by his children assuring them a better life. Instead of going to parties every Friday, he could have spent that time planning what kind of product or service he can offer to other people.

He could have started passive income from online assets.

He is a genius. He knows a lot of things and his advises are always taken as an expert's advise. In this world of the World Wide Web era, he could have started a blog that can be monetized some day. He could have started his own blog and earn from it. I believe that blogging or any kind of online asset can be a big source of passive income if done correctly.

The kid in the story are us. We tend to strive hard so that we could enjoy life during the time when we are able to earn our own money. However, we also tend to forget that there's a certain period in our lives when we will stop earning. There's no wrong doing in keeping something for that period. There's nothing wrong in thinking about the future while having fun at present. Will you wait for your retirement to happen before you act or try to learn more about how can you prevent this kind of scenario from happening? Act now!

Mark Hugh Neri

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