7 Online Business Ideas - Information Products That Sells

Everyone has a book to write.Everyone has something to say. Everyone has experienced something unique to himself or herself. Everyone has the potential to create a product with no other materials involve but creativity and research. I will present you one of many online business ideas you can check out to start creating another source of passive income. In today's modern age, Information is something that you can sell?

Do you have a product in your mind?

The Age of the Internet

The interconnected web, the Internet, the world as we know today. Everything is linked to another in some ways. You can converse with someone from the other side of Earth in as easy as 1-2-3. Information is readily available within several seconds - made possible by a few keystrokes and the Google search engine. From this vast amount of information, you can actually make use of it and sell it to other people. Most of the things listed below are considered as online business. To compare with traditional, online businesses doesn't have a physical store. Most of them don't even need a lot of staff. Sometimes it's only between you and your customer and of course your product or services or both.

Here are some Online Business ideas that you might want to try:

1. Make Money by Blogging.

I have been a blogger since 2009 but it's only been a year when I started to discover that blogs can be monetized. For some people, they are getting their main source of income from their blogs. While there are many ways to monetize your blogs such as affiliate marketing, the number one income-generator is still Google Adsense.

2.Create an e-book.

If you are not fond of writing blog posts, then you can start creating an e-book. Similar to a blog, you should first think about what topic you will be writing about. Then from that main topic, list down ten sub-topics or categories. Let's say you will be writing about 'Windows Phone', then some of your sub-topics would be windows phone applications, reviews about windows phone, prices and buying guide, and customizing a windows phone. Of course, there could be more but ten is a good number to start. After knowing your topic and ten sub-topics, you should write at least 3-5 pages about each sub-topic. Fill-out those pages with texts, diagrams and more illustrations. Once complete for all sub-topics, have someone proof read it because you might miss-out some grammatical errors. Get some cool e-book cover from the Internet and post it online.

3. Create an expert report.

Another information product that you might want to sell is an expert report. If you can give a professional advice on something like how to generate more traffic to a website or how much money you need to invest in order to get at least 10,000 per month then start creating such reports now. Reports are similar to e-books but is shorter and more specific. If you are not read to write your own book yet, then start with this first. You can sell such reports from $7 to $10 per report. It's a bit low but what you usually target on this kind of products is volume.

4. Create a newsletter subscription.

To help you build an audience which regularly seek for more information from you, then you might want to start a service where they can opt to subscribe for a certain amount. This can also boost the products already mentioned because users tend to look for more related information from what they already read. You can also create a website where people can only view the content once they have subscribed to it.

5. Audio Products.

Have you tried to play an audio book or a podcast? Do you know that you can also make money from these kind of materials? Once you are done creating your written materials such as e-books or expert reports, you might want to create a voice-recorded version of those and sell it separately.

6. Video Products.

Similar with Audio Products, you can also sell information products in the form of video. In comparison with audio materials, video are richer in media because you can show more information in video such as graphs, charts, another video and many more. There are a lot of training companies who are already creating such videos and turning those into income.

7. Free information.

The best things in life are FREE. This is a blog post about online business idea but I am telling you to give out free information. If you are only starting to create your reputation then you should not put a price tag on everything you create. Every once in a while you should give out free information product to your audience. Remember that reputation builds trust and trust creates sales!

But wait, there's more!

Physical Book.

To supplement your income from these digital products that you sell online, you can also create a physical book. If you have already created an e-book, why not try the traditional publishing? Some people still opt for books which they can hold.

Be a Speaker.

If you have established your reputation from these products, then someone might be interested to invite you as a speaker to their forum or seminar. If you plan to be a speaker, make sure that you have your contact details available from your products, personal website or social network profile.

So, that's all 7 online business ideas that you might want to try to supplement your monthly income. Some are easy to start while some requires a lot of effort but the rewards are great if done correctly, patiently and consistently. Good luck and let me know your success from these ideas!

Mark Hugh Neri

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