How To Open a Sun Life Mutual Fund Account

So, you already decided to open a mutual fund account and you have chosen Sun Life to be your fund manager. Unfortunately, you do not know where to start. Here's an easy-to-understand tutorial to guide you in opening a Sun Life mutual fund account. Before you finally open your very first mutual fund from Sun Life, you must ask these questions to yourself first. Do I really understand what mutual funds are? Do I know how to earn from mutual funds? Do I know the risks involved in investing in mutual funds? If you have answered NO to ANY of these questions, then I suggest you read my post about Mutual Funds. If you answered YES to all the questions, you can continue reading. How to open a Sun Life Mutual Fund account [impt text="1. Assess yourself first."] You can use the Sun Life Financial Planning Tool. It will determine your risk tolerance and how much you should be adding to your funds every month. The tool can help you to choose what kind of Sun Life Mutual Fund is the right one for you. It can be a Money Market Fund, Bond Fund, Balanced Fund or the high-risk Prosperity Equity Fund. [panel-image src="" caption="What kind of investor are you?"] [impt text="2. Contact a Sun Life Advisor."] You should keep in touch with an agent. He will be also help you in assessment and will be the one to process your application. Your Sun Life Advisor will be the one to submit your requirements and will update you for the progress.[divider] [impt text="3. Prepare and submit requirements."] You need to submit the following requirements. Prepare at least two photocopies of your requirements. For Individual / Joint Account • Order Ticket • Acknowledgement Receipt • Client Information Form • Investor Profile Questionnaire • 2 Valid ID’s To see the complete list of requirements for accounts other than individual or joint account, check the form here.[divider] [impt text="4. Pay your initial fees."]The initial investment you need to pay at first is 5000 pesos. This will be part of your mutual fund investment and will be used to buy your first number of shares.[divider] [impt text="5. Start investing."] Usually it only takes several days to a few weeks before your account got approved and opened. Once you already opened your Sun Life Mutual Fund account, you can register for an on-line account so that you can monitor your funds using the internet and can add more funds to your account.[divider] To learn more about Sun Life's mutual fund accounts, visit their website here.

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