Opening a Bank Account at BDO - so much hassle!

If not only I am being required to open a BDO Savings Account for my payroll, I won't visit any BDO branches anymore. Warning - this is a rant.

Yesterday, I went to a BDO branch in a mall near my place to inquire about the requirements on opening a basic ATM savings account. I went bringing the following - my UMID, a passport, a internet service provider latest bill. I also brought a photocopy of each item and thought that I can accomplish opening a BDO savings account that day.

The staff asked for any valid IDs that I can present. I gave her my UMID and passport. She checked it and showed it to her colleague. She also asked if I am employed - I answered honestly with "yes".

Looking disappointed, she told me that the signatures from both items are not alike. Right. She then asked again if I am employed, though a bit irritated I answered calmly - "yes".

I was asked if I can present any company ID, I said I don't have yet. I just resigned from my previous company and the company that I am working with right now is a start-up and just got incorporated a two weeks ago.

Since she decided that two of my IDs are "invalid" (signatures don't match) and I don't have any company ID to present, I need to present any of the following to proceed with opening a basic ATM savings account - Barangay Clearance, Police Clearance, NBI Clearance.

To cut the story short, I was not able to open my BDO savings account that day. I felt even insulted on being asked if I am employed several times. If it helps, I am wearing casual clothing when I went at the bank - shirt and shorts.

Banking at BDO (whatever their ads or markeing may say) is such a hassle. A few months back I opened savings account at Metrobank and East West bank with so much ease and good customer service! I presented the same requirements and wore the same attire!

If it can be helped, I will never bank with BDO. #rant

Mark Hugh Neri

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