OPM - Other People's Money

You want to invest or start a business and you have a little or you don't have money at all. Is it possible? The answer is yes. How? The answer is OPM or other people's money. The rich people knows a lot on how to use it. For example, a real estate investor buys a property that worth 1 million dollars; is he going to pay it in full? The answer is no. All he has to do is to negotiate on the deal and put a down payment and next thing is he owns it, but not entirely because he has to pay the mortgage. To pay for it he's going to turn the property into an income generating vehicle that will pay for the mortgage and that will give a positive cash flow every month. That's just one of the possibilities. One thing that you should note. Rich people use the OPM to buy asset that appreciates in value and/or income producing assets. While on the other hand, poor and middle class use OPM to buy consumer goods that depreciates in value. That's not the way to do it. But, most people did, that's why banks and lender profit so much on it. Everyone should use OPM for investing or business if you don't have a start up funds. Many fortunes were made on borrowed money, so why you shouldn't do the same. Just always remember, borrowing money is not that dangerous. The dangerous depends on what you do with your money. Avoid buying, especially by OPM, liabilities or goods that depreciate in value. Probably, you are afraid of your debt, but in our lifetime you almost can't avoid it. But, the best thing to do is to borrow to start an investment rather than wait for an emergency before you do. Rich people don't care much about the huge debt. The bigger, the better. The more awesome their net worth would be. They treat wealth building as a game and you should to. Enjoy. OPM is an accelerator to wealth if you use it right. Because by using it, you are using a leverage. That mean you do thing efficiently with less effort and you don't need to wait any longer if that income opportunity knocks on the door.

Mark Hugh Neri

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