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"Higit sa dalawang dekada na ako sa industriya ng investments. Mula stocks, mutual funds, insurance, real estate naikot ko na yan lahat. At iisa lang ang napansin ko, kulang sa kaalaman ang mga Pilipino. Ito ngayon ang layunin ng aming programa. Ang palaguin ang kaaalaman ng mga Pilipino upang maayos nilang maipundar ang pera nilang pinaghirapan." - Aya Laraya, Host - Pesos and Sense Want to learn how to invest but don't know where to start? Don't fret coz there's a new television program that makes sense in the world of money and investing! Presenting - [impt text="PESOS AND SENSE."] As per their description in Pesos and Sense facebook account: A weekly show that brings the world of personal finance and investments to the Filipino people. Utilizing the host’s expertise, the show will tackle the who, what, when and how of the realm of stock market, Mutual Funds, VULs,insurance, and bank products. [panel-image src=""] The host will also discuss the risks and rewards, as well as provide an analysis of the current market performance. Investment managers and financial literacy specialists will also be invited to showcase their strategies and offer advice to the average Filipino. This show is hosted by Mr. Aya Laraya who is a licensed broker from Citiseconline. The show airs every Saturday from 8:30 to 9:00 am on GMA News TV. For more info visit Pesos and Sense website. They also have a YouTube channel - Pesos And Sense. If you really want to learn more about personal finance and the how-to's of investing in stocks, mutual funds and more, then I suggest that you watch all their videos on their YouTube channel. [divider] So far, I have watched the three episodes already with topics on stocks, how to invest via Citisec Online, mutual funds, technical analysis and the difference between insurance and the Variable Unit Linked insurance. Good job Aya! Update: I have watched every video there and I am now more motivated to pursue investing and learning more topics about how to handle one's personal finance and how to grow your money through investments. I am looking forward to the next season to learn more.

Mark Hugh Neri

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