Pinoy Startups: An Inspiration for an Aspiring Technopreneur

I want to be the next Zuckerberg. I want to own a big company like Google. I want to be known to the world like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. I want to make a difference. I want to do these. Yes. I can personally say I want to accomplish what these great guys have done. But the problem is I am in the Philippines and according to some articles that I have read, it is very difficult to seek funding when you decide to start a startup. So what now for my startup dream? Actually there's several existing Pinoy Startups already as of this writing. Check these websites if you have already used one of them. - Insync - - TrafficDito - - TaxiKick - - SpellDial - - PicLyf - - Pabenta - - ProudCloud - - - - HobbyMash - - Artisteconnect - - Webgeek - - - - Kolibo - - Gasyaya - - Qryo - - Null Pointer - - Komyutips - - TwitMusic - I am quite shocked when I discovered that there are a lot of Pinoy startups already. If these people have started theirs, why cannot I? Regardless if there would be a venture capitalist or not, these startups have one in common - they all started with an IDEA which I guess I can start with. Wish me luck! I believe that the list is not complete. Please feel free to comment below if you know a Pinoy startup

Mark Hugh Neri

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