Quick Guide to Online Job Hunting for Fresh Graduates

Congratulations! You now have earned your College Degree. The next logical step after graduation is finding your first job where a lot of fresh graduates seems to have a bit of a challenge. Some would go to their target company passing resumes, some would attend job fairs while some would opt to sit in front of their computer and go online job hunting. While some would prefer the traditional way of passing resumes and applying through job fairs, some cannot disagree on the effectiveness of online job hunting as well. So, as a fresh graduate, what are the things you should do to proceed with applying for your first job online? Listed below are some of my preferred ways to start hunting for jobs online.

Online Job Hunting Sites


Jobstreet is the first website I used to land my first job after graduation. It was founded way back 1997 and today's largest online job portal in Southeast Asia. One of the things I like about Jobstreet is their job alerts which they call Lina. You can create different job alerts depending on the job role you are searching for. So, if you are a fresh graduate and itching to work already, visit their website and create your profile. Don't forget to complete your online resume and upload your document version (Microsoft Word or PDF document). Lastly, do not forget to create job alerts which they will send to your e-mail daily.


I know it's a social networking site with a 'professional' ambiance, some headhunters and recruiters look for their candidates using LinkedIn. Since LinkedIn is a social networking site, you can also use this to expand your connections. One of my favorite feature of LinkedIn is the personal profile you can create. You can actually export the profile as a PDF file and use that as your resume that you can submit to your target company.


If Jobstreet is popularly known in Southeast Asia, Monster is the largest online job portal in the world with more than 1 million resumes and over 63 million job seekers per month. I just recently registered for Monster and has been already contacted several times a month. Also, if you plan to apply work in other countries, Monster is one way to go. Just last month, I was called by different employers from India and Malaysia. But I guess this goes to experienced professionals already as most employers abroad seldom prefers fresh graduates unless they have really the skills and experience already.

I hope this article helps you whether you're a fresh graduate or an already experienced professional to get your dream job. Don't forget to read my tips for fresh graduate on landing their first job. Good luck!

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