If I Haven't Read 'My Maid Invests in the Stock Market' Book by Bo Sanchez

It was sometime in August that I stumbled upon a red book by Bo Sanchez with a not so familiar title - My Maid Invests in the Stock Market. Back then my idea of Stocks is that it is something that only the rich of the richest can do. Why on earth did his maid join this stock market investing?

That book was an eye opener. It opened my eyes to a knowledge no one has ever thought me. Not even in the University. Not even my parents of friends. Since then, I spent time to read more about financial literacy. I spent nights and days to check out on-line and offline learning resources. I've read a lot of blogs, read forum threads, downloaded e-books and even watched videos. And I was amazed and shocked and become inspired. I realized that there's a way to escape this dreadful rat race on which I am still a part of everyday. And I started to take action by opening two accounts - a mutual fund account invested in equities and a variable life insurance account. And then I also started to open an online stocks account. But, what if I haven't read that book? What if I didn't know anything about anything related to personal finance? What if I think of stocks as a scary thing that only rich can afford to learn?

Life Will Be Easy at Present. Hard on the Future.

If I was not able to read that book and still have zero knowledge about personal finance and investment, then there would be no additional overhead in my budget. I can spent that extra money to life's luxury and comfort. I can pay my debts faster and can even treat my friends and family more often.Life would be easier for me. When I didn't learned about investments and passive income, I might not be blogging right now. I might not discover things you can do to make money online. I should have saved a lot of money I used to buy web hosting, domain names and other online products and licenses. I should have been richer at present today!

But wait, there's more!

Unfortunately, if I was not able to take that book and read, then my future might be compromised. I might have no retirement plan. I might live depending on my sons and daughters. I might become buried in deep debt. And I might have no passive income. Nothing.

So, which one do you prefer?

My dream is to have a really big passive income. May it be from online assets or stock market, mutual fund or forex investments. That's my goal. The goal of having a happy and peaceful future life. PS. Don't forget to live today! Don't over-invest. You still have to live today while thinking of your future. Happy investing! :)

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Mark Hugh Neri

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