How To Redeem From Your Sun Life Mutual Funds

The Philippine Stock Market is on a bull run and for investors who hold shares in Sun Life Mutual Funds specifically in Equity funds, and might be thinking to redeem their winnings from it, here's a short tutorial on how to withdraw some shares from your account. If you are looking for a tutorial on how to add subsequent investments to your account, then you might want to read my article entitled Adding To Your Mutual Funds.

Why do you need to redeem?

First, ask yourself why you need to withdraw your shares from your mutual fund account. If there's no urgent financial need, then I suggest that you don't continue with the redemption. Don't redeem if you only want to experience the perks of gaining from the market. Or if you just wanted to brag about it to your friends. If there's an emergency that needs some financial assistance, then you might want to build your emergency funds after the incident because your mutual funds should be the last one to touch in case of emergencies.

Download the form.

The next thing you should do is download the Order Ticket for Redemption / Interfund Transfer. You need to fill out basic information such as account number, the name of the person who owns the account, the bank or branch to where it will be deposited with the account number and also the reason for withdrawing. You also need to supply a valid signature over your printed name.

Send it to your Sun Life Mutual Funds agent.

Depending on the setup between you and your Sun Life financial advisor, you can send it to them first and they will be the one to forward it to be processed. Or you can fax it directly to Sun Life. The processing time ranges from at least two days to one week. In my case, I sent it on a Monday to my financial advisor and I was able to withdraw from my bank account on a Wednesday.

Mark Hugh Neri

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