Rich But Young Filipino

Do you know some real-life Richie Rich?

Money makes the world go round. In this world where money is so important, who doesn’t want to be rich? Who doesn’t want to experience having the privilege to hold money in their hands? I think no one. However, some of us have been able to experience being millionaires while they are young. Here are some of the richest young Filipinos as of today

Joseph Calata

One of the youngest big entrepreneurs in the country is Joseph Calata, chairman of Calata Corporation, the largest distributor of agriculture products and veterinary medicine. The 32-year old entrepreneur is the youngest billionaire in the Philippines. “Dream and be willing to put in the hard work” is Calata’s motto, which he says, is very effective if you combine it with perseverance. Surely, it’s family business but what separates him from the rest of the entrepreneurs who have gotten the family business into their hands is that he uses the full potential of the country’s agricultural capabilities. Aside from this, his business gives Filipinos jobs—a feat highly beneficial for the Pinoy workforce.

Chris Tiu

Who will not recognize the charming face and the awesome basketball moves of the famous PBA basketball heartthrob, artist, and now a part-owner of the well-known milk tea-bar, Happy Lemon, Chris Tiu? Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Chris started to manage to follow the footsteps of his parents by venturing into the food stall business at a young age. Together with his college friends, they ventured into franchising business when he and his friends went for a trip to Hong Kong and discovered the unique and tasty milktea of Happy Lemon, which is an international brand. He is now a part owner of Happy Lemon selling various flavored milk tea drinks around the country. Chris and his friends admitted that it’s not easy to open your first branch, but just like other business if you give your full potential and put hard work, it will eventually pay off. These young men are indeed what other aspiring young entrepreneurs should imitate.

Lloyd Luna

This Filipino international motivational speaker, TV host, business consultant and an inspirational author in Asia started publishing his own books at an early age of 23. This PUP graduate, Lloyd Luna, is now the president and CEO of LLOYDLUNA Communications, and is described as “the man on effective career planning” by The Manila Times—this is because has become one of the largest and finest motivational speakers in Asia who has been inspiring thousands of people every year writing more than 100 business columns and has been the number one bestselling author of the book titled, “Is there a job for you?” His rags to riches story has brought him to different countries in Asia and has given many of our aspiring Filipino entrepreneurs deeper sense of purpose and reason for achieving success.

Being able to start business and earn millions of money at a young age is too idealistic and will just stay as a dream forever to those who can’t get off their asses from laziness and mediocrity. Being rich involves taking risks and top notch skills of positivity and trial and error. Surely, the road to success is not a path to be belittled. With initiative, motivation, and knowledge of the industry one wants to venture combined, then acquiring a financially successful life can be grasped in no time.

Mark Hugh Neri

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