Rock and Roll this Rainy season!

Hey don’t curse the rain, in some way or another rain provides us water. It fills in the dams where we get our water supplies for the year long, helps grow crops where we get our food, it is essential for us to survive. Basically, moderate rain is just what we needed to get through our journey in this world. At times, it may hinder us to go outside and do some things but still without it we can’t survive. Why don’t we look at the bright side? We can do so many things during this season. [caption id="attachment_18061" align="aligncenter" width="554"] From[/caption] So after you have made sure that all necessary things are present in case of emergency, why don’t indulge on the fun stuff? Do things you can’t do before. You might be too busy with the outside world, now it’s time to appreciate your own world, specifically your haven. You can try tidy things up, or even invent ways to redecorate and reorganize it. Come on! Let’s use that creative thinking Learn to cook. My favorite part of rainy days is the food trip. Either I buy it outside or best is, you can learn to cook. Invent and full yourself. Take lots of sleep. The weather is cool and your bed is waiting for you. It may be your long waited vacation of sensible beauty sleep. Bond with your family. We use to play board games, ask trivial questions or know ourselves even better by stories. DVD Marathon. This one is for the fun scarcity. If you find no time to watch an interesting series or movie during your regular day, then it’s your time to enjoy! Pamper yourself. If you are free and wanted to look fabulous, why not try homemade beauty rituals? Your refrigerator can help you with your materials. Read a Book. Before you take your nappy time, you can still enjoy a novel that you’ve always wanted to read on. It is also helpful for you to condition your good sleep plan. Observe a hole. Your house might need a little fixture sometimes and most commonly it appears during the rainy days. Look at it and get it done. Be aware. Listening to the radio or news is necessary especially for this season. It’s always a must to be updated of our surroundings. Surely rains will trap us indoors, but the best thing is to make the best out of everything. Furthermore, if our community faces a lot more problem than the rain itself like flood and landslides, the best thing we can do is to keep safe, pray and if the opportunity permits, we can also make donations to the victims.

Mark Hugh Neri

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