Safety Tips: Flood

I've stayed at home today because of the heavy rain started last week. Due to the rain, more than half of the Metro Manila is flooded. A lot of relief and rescue operations are in place but everyone should stay vigilant and make sure that they are safe. Here are some simple tips you want to check in times of flood. Keep safe everyone! Things to do when you are inside your house: 1. Stay inside but be vigilant and prepare to evacuate if advised by authority. 2. If the level of flood is rising fast and you think that it is not safe to stay inside, call the authorities that can help you evacuate the area. Always include your name, contact number and address for fast action. 3. Go to elevated areas of evacuation centers away from the rivers, lakes, canals, creeks and the likes. 4. Stay updated by listening to the news through television, radio and social media. If you are inside a car: 1. Stay alert for flood during your travel. 2. Don't cross barricaded roads. They are closed due to heavy floods and vehicles cannot pass across. 3. If your vehicle stopped in the middle of the road due to flood, get out and leave it there and go to an elevated area and seek help. 4. Call for help using the contact numbers below. Here are some more tips from ANC Facebook Fanpage

Mark Hugh Neri

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