Safety Tips: Typhoon 101

The first thing that comes into our minds is keeping safe from water, flood and strong wind. However, there are much more that we need to think about if water is not much of a cling to our houses. [caption id="attachment_18049" align="aligncenter" width="642"] From[/caption] Here are some of safety tips whenever there's a typhoon. Keeping safe. If you know that your house is flood prone, then you should know that even before the cyclone comes, you should have readied your documents to safety, your house checked for possible destruction and your supplies for survival purposes. Keep updated. It is important that you are updated of the news ongoing. A battery operated radio will be of much help when there’s no more TV and laptop to get you updated. Well, it is best if you keep yourself updated of possible help, so that you will know if there’s a signal to evacuate or not. Keep up the communication. Keep your cellphone fully charged and loaded. It is also important that you save up numbers that might be of help in case of emergency. Do not use your phone for games and other application, save it up. Keep the budget. For sure, not just the water will rise, but everything that we need will hike its prices up. So for these times of calamity, we are vulnerable to hunger due to boredom. If we can cook why not, we can save much and do something as well. Keep up with the holes. If your house is leaking with endless droplets, a good friend of mine suggest a way to slow it down and make sure it’s directed to the basin that will catch it. You will need a pushpin and a needle. Tie the needle to the pushpin and pin in into the ceiling. It slows down the water drops and you can control where does is goes. Be alert. Rain and thunder are out of the question. If you have things outside that might be broken or wrecked because of the wind, you can bring it inside. It will cause you safety and the mess that it will cause aftermath. Remember your utilities. It’s not the same as ordinary day, sockets and other electronics can be dangerous so remember to plug out sockets and cover it. Furthermore, TV antennas can also attract lightning so you may want to use it minimally. Keep healthy. Just because you are in a midst of calamity means you can only get hurt with it. You are more prone to illness and flu and worst leptospirosis so be careful and do not abuse yourself. A pile of medicine can also be helpful to keep. Prayer can be of most helpful. I did it so many times in the past and I’ve managed to get through high floods with any neither bruise nor illness to think about.   I am very much concerned with the welfare of everyone. You have to be alert and hope you might use these tips. KEEP SAFE everyone!

Mark Hugh Neri

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