Salary and Savings Matrix: How Much Should You Save?

One question about saving is how much you really need to save. Some would suggest the 80-20 method where 20 percent goes to savings while the 80 percent goes to expense. Some would suggest the 70-20-10 method, 70 percent goes to your monthly expense, 20 percent to your savings and the remaining 10 percent for tithing. Which you should follow depends on you but if you would ask me, you should follow the 70-20-10 method. I would like to share a simple diagram showing how much you should save according to your monthly income. Let's explain what does this figure means. On the first column are estimates of your monthly salary from the minimum wage up to the six-digit salary. If you have other source of income, you may add it to the first column too. The next column is the 70 percent slice of it, this amount will be your money for your expenses. Expenses can be your monthly utility bills, allowance, your payment for your debts in loans or credit cards or any other expenses. The savings column will take another 20 percent of your monthly income. This is the ideal amount of savings you can have for a start. If you are just starting to save or invest, you can start with any figure you want from 5 - 20 percent but it is advisable to go with 20 percent since it's just the right amount for most of the people who saves. Your 20 percent can go to any savings or investment vehicles. From your coin bank to a bank's savings acount, from mutual funds to bonds or stocks or any other financial product you trust. The last but not the least important is just 10% for tithes or goodness fund. This can go to your church or any organization that you might be helping. This is a portion of your income that will not be spent for yourself but for others goodness, too. Hope this guide can help you start with your savings or investments. All it needs is discipline and some motivation so we can all attain financial freedom someday. Good luck!

Mark Hugh Neri

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