Save, saving, saved!

When you hear the basic word “save funds”, what comes to mind is to put funds by reserve which is composed of different aspects in one's future wants and needs. To think of it, excitement with knowing the amount “saved” and collected is easier than doing the “saving” part. When I was a kid, my mom did not allow me even to know the value of a 1.00 peso coin, but when my dad spent time with me, he taught me the value of money and the budget the allowance for a week. Dad taught me to save every 5.00 with my 20.00 daily allowance for food at school. So that after 5 days I will have 25.00 savings and in a month (3 weeks) I will have at least 75.00 savings that will count 1075.00 in 43 weeks for the whole 10 months of a school year. Sounds exciting to have this amount for summer vacation huh? Unfortunately, I missed one thing… Perseverance… This perhaps shall accompany saving once and for all. Without this, you may end up a loser for not being able to save anything at all. Later, I realized that there is no more left for me to spend for the summer. The goal has been wasted and unused. I have realized that striving to achieve one thing can shape your skills better. Just like managing your finances. When you apply the kiddie scenario of saving with our current status the worst is when we grow old and cannot work at all, where we are going to rely the support for ourselves? Is it through our insufficient pensions, our children's funds and history will repeat itself? Retirement funds lack due to our negligence with simple “saving”. Now, to change the chain of events that commonly occurs in every family generation that I do not wish to happen to me when I grow old and weak. And for my future children’s lives, I have learned the value of saving that I came to realize when a financial advisor has been endorsed by an officemate for a short talk that had lasted for an hour of listening and absorbing the presentation he has prepared. This covers the topics of two employees who worked from the age of 20: The other learns to save. The other does not. At 30: The other learns laddered financial management initiated by: Basic Saving at a Bank Saving your emergency funds – What is emergency funds, for details visit : -The other learns how to spend a lot. At 40: -The other keeps a lot of savings. -The other has spent a lot on different things such as: manly caprices, clothes, gadgets, getaways, shoes, cars etc. At 50 -The other has saved. -The other only begins saving for retirement. The impact of realization was like hey! Oh? Is it really this serious? Gosh, what am I doing with the money I am earning? Big question is, where will I go if the scenario of the second person happens to me? Then of course, I felt super bad. But, inspired that it is not too late for me; there is more of me to produce, I am young, vibrant, and energetic, I can live and do more. Then on, though I have struggled in initiating the savings that will benefit myself in the future; this knowledge is not very common about saving that is why I am writing this to share with everyone that saving a dime everyday can be helpful for yourself. That is why I have enrolled myself a bank account when I got the chance and have fixed myself to separate 10% of my salary every cutoff to save. This went good. :D Way far now, my officemates and I have begun saving with collected milk cans and biscuit cans which we got covered with fancy recycled paper bags. This is where we fill in our coins from day to day, no matter how little the amount is the point is that you, SAVE. And will plan to change the coins saved by an undated period at the moment. We also thought that Christmas is the biggest spending season, wherefore, we have started another saving technique which we call “paluwagan” read as: palu-wa-gan. One person will keep the funds and will give it at a time period on when one can get their funds. However, unlike the usual procedure, we set the time period to distribute funds on December for everyone. This initiation as a group is also effective for those who have not yet saved. At the end of the period everyone can get their fair share, as if saving the funds with a time deposit. (Less the interest rate only.) We have arranged this not for spending, but, for savings that will begin for December that can be continued for the whole next year. Good thing to start saving? Be inspired and start your own, Now.

Mark Hugh Neri

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