Savings for the rainy days.

Season trends: fever, cough and colds. Even if you don't get wet in the rain, most people around you catches the viruses in public places by holding door knobs, using computer key boards, mouse, the air circulating etc. And you may catch it too, without proper vitamin protection from these viruses, you are sure to stay at home in bed. Call in for Sick Leave worries most of us that some salary benefits do not apply. In our office it’s somehow a relief that the medicine you buy can be reimbursed as prescribed by a doctor. Even so with such benefit, how do we save from buying medicine? The mercury drug Suki card. With this you can avail instant saving promos on stores offers and earn points that you may use for buying at Mercury Drug. There is this one time when I bought my vitamins where the cashier offered "Ma’am, you already have 250.00 points, you may use it to buy your vitamins instead of paying cash, would you like to use it now?" Then, of course I took advantage of the points and saved my 250.00 pesos. A promo was once offered in a branch near my place where you can take exclusive medicine keepers for free if your bill reaches 500.00 – such box keepers’ costs around 60.00-80.00 pesos. Nevertheless, from simply buying medicine you got it for free and it is another saving. How to get a free Suki Card? If you are of legal age and have purchased 1000.00 and above in a single receipt ask assistance from a clerk to fill a form. Discount Coupons! Savings for the medicine bought as per the details indicated. This is perfect for the season, this August they are offering Discounts for Alaxan FR 3.00 pesos off for every 4 caps validity of the discount is until December 2012. I have saved what about you? Take advantage too, see the references below:

Mark Hugh Neri

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