Selling Yourself Through Skills and Talents

Are you still looking for that extra income but doesn't know what kind of products you can sell? Are you willing to generate additional income but doesn't have capital to start your own business? Why not start selling yourself? No, I am not referring to selling your body organs but rather selling what you have in you - your talent. Not everyone can do everything. People will soon need other people to help them in whatever they do. Book authors would need reviewers and publishers before they publish their book. Doctors would need nurses during a complex surgery. Big businesses needs advertisers to help them make sales. Bloggers would sometime need contributors to create more content of other topics they have no mastery of. On a personal thought During college, I was able to sell some computer programs to other people for a certain amount of money. I do not have any financial capital. What I only have is the time and skills. Take the advantage Now, think of something you are good at. It can be singing, writing, playing computer games, sports, fashion, food or you might be good at certain subjects like science or math. After thinking of your talent, search for someone who might be needing your service. He can be a student looking for a math tutor, or a web developer looking for a graphics artist or as simple as parents looking for a baby sitter. Advertise yourself Though word of mouth marketing is still one of the best ways for people to hire you, a starter would need first to get his first customer. posting advertisements in sites such as Craigslist can help you when you are just starting. You should also look for local directories since it will give you higher chances. Freelancers can also benefit from creating profile such as oDesk and Freelancer. Selling your talent means a lot of hard work especially when you are just starting. But if done correctly and with consistency, you will be surprised with the results. some would even resign from their day jobs and focused on selling their talents. Image from

Mark Hugh Neri

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