Starting With Stocks

Last year, my father and I tried to open a Citisec online account to lodge his stocks. Unfortunately, his stocks were not the publicly traded stocks in Philippine Stock Exchange. During the our application, we already filled-out the necessary forms and already paid but my father decided not to continue since it is not possible to lodge his stocks. He should attend the stockholders meeting to know where to sell his stocks since it is not part of the PSE (Philippine Stocks Exchange). Months after, I received an e-mail from COL saying that the account is already activated. It also includes the account number and the initial e-mail. So, I decided to keep and use it for personal use. Anyway, I decided to get into medium-term investment with stocks. At present, I have an Equity Mutual Fund with Sun Life for my long-term savings which is doing quite well since the Philippine Stock Market is strong during the past weeks. I also have an investment with some business but sad to say that I'm having a great loss as well. Plan for the next quarter is to check on some other investment and business opportunities while learning and checking on stocks as my new medium-term investment. Let's hope for the best! Image credits:

Mark Hugh Neri

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