Student Gigs - Ways on How to Earn as a Student

Being a student requires a lot of time, effort, and money. While time and effort can be afforded with pure motivation, it will always be a different matter when it comes to money. Whether we like it or not, money is an important factor in education and can only be acquired by working, and working also requires both time and effort.

Now, how can it be possible for students to exert time and effort for both education and money? Here goes what's called as 'Student Gigs', mini-works that can help a student to earn money while studying.

What are your gigs?

In Campus I: Offer Your Services to Your Classmates

Of course, the first step to find a student gig is to find something that is nearest to you, and which is very accessible. A lot of opportunities are open since you are already in a school setting, whereas some classmates need an extra pair of hands. If you have a good knack in writing essays or book reviews, or if you can solve mathematical and scientific formula, why not help your classmate and ask for some collateral in return? If they know you have the ability to make a good output, they will be more than willing to help you through commissions.

In Campus II: Become A Student Assistant

A student assistant is someone who's working for the school, yet is still undergoing studies. Some schools offer this job with both an allowance (or salary) and scholarship, so it will be really a nice gig to earn with your tuition fee reduced to a certain percentage.

There are different jobs when you become a student assistant: you can either become an assistant for the librarian, take charge in looking after an office or a department, or help in major school activities. By being a student assistant, you learn while you earn.

Outside Campus: The Wise One

If you like kids, it's time for you to take the elderly role. You don't have to bring a staff or put on a beard, actually. You just have to offer your services as a tutor to those who are younger than you, or if you can, tutor your classmate. This way, you can earn money while reviewing your school materials.

Aside from tutoring, being a wise one can also mean “taking care of others”. And how can you take care of others? By being a nanny, or a babysitter! If you have a niece or a nephew, offer some of your hours to your uncle or auntie by taking care of them after school for two or three hours. Just make sure to leave a few more hours for studying. By doing this, you can enjoy being young at heart.

Plus, babysitting kids might be stressful at times, but don't you think that the smiles of the children you'll take care of can easily de-stress you?

Be Technology Wise: Offer Online Services

If you like to do something in a more personal matter, and want work that will involve something on a somewhat professional level, why not try online services? The only things you need are internet-powered computer, and your skills.

There are online websites that offer you jobs for others, such as oDesk, Freelancer, and Errund. Registration to such sites is free, and it serves as a gateway to earning money. Plus, what makes them convenient is that you can specify the focus of your skills so that employers can easily find you.

Make Your Own World

If working for others doesn't seem to fit for you, probably it's time for you to set-up your own world in the cyberspace and unleash your skills in your own way. Setting your own world in the cyberworld is equal to making your own blog, wherein you can post anything that seems of interest for you.

Do you like fashion, cars, watching television shows, or books? If yes, you can set your blog as a review site. That way, you can help others through your reviews while expressing yourself. But, how can it help you earn money?

Bloggers earn money by the number of hits or the page visits they receive, and they receive salary as long as they sign-up their blogs to Google AdSense or Nuffnang. Just don't forget to put up good content in your blog to attract pageviews and loyal readers.

There are more ways on how to earn as a student through student gigs, but these five can serve as your stepping stones in taking a more serious job. Goodluck in job hunting!

Mark Hugh Neri

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