Success Patterns: PLANNING

I’m not used of planning. I graduated at school doing impromptu’s of the presentations, projects and spiels and here’s what I have observed. Whenever, I do a project that’s been well prepared and planned, I always end up being a smart one, a defendant and the leader of that certain topic. While, in most times that I do impromptu, I receive questions which are challenging and I hardly survive that moment. Well, I still managed to get out of it and finish without bleeding to death. Now, that I am in real life, I have felt the need of planning in my professional and personal advancement. Since I was used of cramming in college, I didn’t know that even a simple note can be a sort of planning method. Now, based from my experience planning should really be in my vocabulary or else, I’d end up with these situations. LOOK DUMB. This is the thing that I hate the most, when I cannot utter a word, or have an expression of puzzlement in my face. When I know I had the time to know it, be the master of it, I didn’t chose to! DISAPPOINTMENT. Nope, this is not for me, but for the people who are expecting to see something. That opportunity to shine is gone. Worst, you’d end up being scolded. EMBARRASSMENT. This one hits ego and sometimes scorches deep within. It’s not really a thing to be remembered with an image of failure. HALLUCINASIONS. The worst part is, uttering, inventing words, which are off topic and completely obvious that you are just putting in some tapes to cover the hole. SELF DISAPPOINTMENT. When you think, you have all the strength, a failed situation can lead you to self-disappointment, that even just a memory of what you did makes you squirm and say, I don’t want to Live in this planet anymore! Believe me, failing to plan and solely relying on your stock knowledge and “whatever happens” mentality will often lead you to failure. It’s not so hard to plan, all you need to have is a little Perseverance and it will lead you to the rightful sources that you need. You can plan everyday, every week, with your notebook, with your memo, with your gadgets and plan for yourself. Let me tell you the secret to planning. It is a shotgun, when a great big zombie of panel, audience, expectations will try to eat you up alive. Since you have a shot gun, shoot it up right in the head and prove that you are the one in charge. So, how to plan? Here’s some advice. Know what you want. This drive will heat all things up till you see yourself burning your ass up working on it. This consists of the GOAL, RISKS, PUSPOSE, RESOURCES and STRATEGIES. Know your strength. You must know how to play it and use your best asset to use. Know the best usable resources and boom show time! However, you have to be aware that not all plans are ours. Some are just bridges that we walk on so that God can clearly show us what we are meant to be. Define a timeline. You cannot move slowly, every second counts and every second wasted should have been an extraction of what you can do. Oversee things. It’s good if you can analyze not just possible strength but also possible loop holes. Then you can be ready for it. Assessment is everything. Plan some more, don’t be black and white. You can have Plan A, B, c and even up to Z if you want to, the important thing is to look at every angles. Update. Yes, it is necessary to see if there is needed change or if you should change your strategy, it will all matter. Be Confident and don’t give up. It’s not always Christmas, but you can’t drag yourself to Halloween. There will be some mistakes, some shortcomings but the good this is to learn from it and do better next time. Walk by Faith not by Sight. Sometimes, it will be hard, and the only easy thing to do is to give up but remember, all good things never come in easy. So Go for Gold! Act. Make sure that all that you’ve think of are not just on papers, planning can be a complete failure without action. You can add some more, depending on your method and capabilities. I firmly believe that if you plan on something, you will have the chance to be the BEST and MAKE the best out of yourself. Planning is a mere tool to develop your skills, improve your knowledge and Shine. So go ahead, Plan now, Rock and Roll!

Mark Hugh Neri

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