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Each one of us dreams of being successful in whatever venture we step in. We want to climb a career ladder wherein people around us would admire and respect what we have accomplished and achieved. However, there are some Filipinos who think that foreigners are the only successful people they would ever know; not thinking that our own country could produce highly accomplished citizens who could serve as our inspiration. Some of these Pinoys have found their own personal success in the field of real estate business—and you, too, have every opportunity to be successful in their lucrative arena. To give you a clearer picture, real estate is a property consisting of land and the buildings on it, along with its natural resources. The real estate business is the profession which involves buying, selling, or renting land, buildings, or housing. Here in the Philippines, the real estate sector is a thriving area auspicious for impressive growth. Nowadays, people could notice various real estate development companies taking over different areas in Greater Manila that has great potential for commercialization and productivity. These areas include Metro Manila and other nearby and surrounding provinces, which include Laguna, Cavite, Rizal, Bulacan, Batangas, and Pampanga. The Philippines has vast areas of lands waiting to be developed, so real estate business in the country is certainly a favorable career path for anyone with the flair, skills, and penchant for this field. If you are planning to step into the profitable and auspicious path of real estate business, here is a list of people who have already been successful in field—and their success could be your source of inspiration. Who knows, you could be part of this list next time?

Ms. Cynthia Palad-Yap

This lady is the head of Real Estate Movers, Inc., one of the largest real estate consultancy firms in Metro Manila area. She made her first million in the real estate business when she was 34 years old. Like other achievers, Ms. Cynthia's success was not accomplished overnight. She made lots of mistakes before finally attaining the success, and one of those mistakes was doing too many things at the same time. Later on, Ms. Cynthia realized that is better to concentrate in one field only, rather than trying your hand on so many areas. So when she saw the blueprints of the then-developing Bonifacio Global City (BGC), she knew right then that she found the prospective place to sell. Ms. Cynthia Palad-Yap thinks that the number one mistake of newbies is focusing on the money, rather than establishing strong and win-win relationships with clients. She advises newcomers in the real estate industry to study the market comprehensively to find out what the business needs. Consequently, they must develop the ability to match the needs of the market with the needs and requirements of the buyer.

Noli Alleje

Known in the real estate arena as “El Subastahero,” Noli spearheads The Property Forum Philippines and is the #1 auctioneer in the country today. His first breakthrough in the industry came when Noli organized a real estate auction of foreclosed assets for a major commercial bank, where he broke all records for one day sale. Currently, he is focusing more on foreclosure and prime developer units. He made his first million in real estate marketing when he was 40 years old. Noli chose this industry because it has the best commission rates. He thinks that the number one mistakes of newbies is trying to sell all types of real estate assets located anywhere. Noli has been involved in selling for developers with no track record, and although he got lucky, he thinks that background is one of the most important things you should build up. He gives this advice to all newcomers in the real estate industry: focus on your type of niche asset you want to sell.

Larry Gamboa

Larry Gamboa, PhD is the best-selling author of Think Rich, Pinoy! It is a book written for people struggling to get out of a 'rat race,' for those who are interested or involved in business, and for people who need to understand how accounting and the Internet could be utilized for their advantages and benefits. He obtained his Doctor of Business Administration degree from the University of Michigan. He also attended De La Salle College and even award a Fullbright Grant to study in the United States.

Dr. Larry Gamboa

Dr. Larry Gamboa entered a joint venture with Washington Sycip of SGV and Willian C. Byham of Development Dimensions to launch SGV-DDI. After 10 years of expertly managing his thriving training and consulting company, Larry sold his shares to SGV, surprisingly made a lot of money. He founded three business so far and currently managing two, but Larry is still aiming to take one public, possibly with the help of Intenet. For the past 6 years, Dr. Larry Gamboa sold more than 40,000 Think Rich Pinoy Books, facilitated 24 One-Day Think Rich Pinoy Wealth Seminary and reached out more than 1680 people nationwide and more than 10,000 global Pinoy through the Think Rich Pinoy Membership Site, emails, and videos. Dr. Larry's dream is to spearhead a movement to help create 10,000 entrepreneurs by 2023. [divider] They are just a few of highly successful Pinoy who have accomplished so much in the real estate business. If you want to step in this endeavor, they are the ones who could serve as your inspiration in your career. Who knows, someday you would be an inspiration to other people because of your achievements.

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