Sun Life Online Account Review

I have been a Sun Life Mutual Funds investor for more than a year now and I am greatly happy with the returns though I am not able to add to my current investments due to some financial challenges. That's why I am always encouraging everyone who reads it to build your emergency fund first before investing but if you can build your emergency fund while already investing, the better.

Today, I will be sharing you the features of a Sun Life Online Account. Your Sun Life online account is your portal to all your Sun Life investment and insurance accounts. If you have not yet activated yours, you can do so by visiting the Sun Link Online Registration Page. If you already have your online account activated, visit the Sun Link Login Page here.

The Sun Life Online Account Features

There's no more easier way to monitor your investments and insurance accounts through Sun Life's Sun Link Online. After you log in, you will be redirected to your account's dashboard. Here you can check on all your policies and investments. You can also manage your eNotices as well as your daily NAVPS e-mail. You can also add or remove accounts if needed.

Sun Link Login Page

On the top portion of the page is the navigation menu where you will find links to your Profile, Message Center, Payment Center, SunLink Mobile, eNotice and the log out command.

Sun Link Main Dashboard

Sun Life Policy Information Page

If you have added your Policy to your online account, you can see information about it such as name of the insured, the plan, when was it issued, the amount of premium and also the current fund value as of the current date. Take note that you will only have funds on your insurance if you have invested in their VUL policies.

Sun Life Investment Information Page

If you also have invested to their Mutual Funds and registered it online, you will see an Investment Information Page. On this page you will see information such as client name, account number, the fund you have invested in and the list of transactions on that account. As a bonus, you can also perform a look up of historical NAVPS on this page so you can check the performance of the mutual fund you have invested into.

Client Information

You contact details such as name, birth date, address, zip code and country are located in the client information page. I suggest you double check the listed information here so that there would be no problem in the accuracy once you redeem your funds.

Message Center

In message center, you can send a messages such as inquiry or request to the Sun Life customer support. Additionally, you can also call their hotline at 632-849-9888.

Payment Center

In payment center, you can perform payments to your Sun Link accounts. Personally, I haven't used this facility yet as I am paying my VUL through BPI Express Online.

So there you go - a short review about Sun Life Online Account. If you haven't registered yet, I suggest you do so by following the instructions above. You might have to call for support in case you have trouble adding accounts just like in my case. Also, use a secure password since this accounts contains sensitive information. Once again, Happy investing!

Mark Hugh Neri

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