Tapping the Power of Television

Business growth can be quite slow especially for starters that's why we create online presence by creating websites, blogs and e-commerce sites and through social media. However, the internet is very big and competition is very high among other businesses especially when your competitor has an established name in the industry. What you can do is tap the traditional but still powerful marketing tool today - the television.

Television can be very powerful when used properly

We have known a lot of celebrities that was first known in YouTube. You might have heard of Charice and Moymoy Palaboy among others. They got the opportunity when their videos become viral and become known to more people when they entered television media.

Widen your reach using other media

Television, radio and prints are what we call the tri-media and if you are doing business in the internet and is having trouble with the hard competition, then you might want to tap these channels as well. Instead of focusing on search engine optimization which your competitor has been very good at, why not contact different radio stations, television shows or even publishing offices and offer them your expertise.

We are not talking about advertising

If you are thinking of advertising as the idea behind this post then you are mistaken. Though that can be an option, small businesses can't afford the cost of tri-media advertising. Fortunately, there's a way to get into the television that doesn't need a lot of money. Some shows in radio and television or columns in magazines sometimes need to 'feature' something. Something that is very interesting and timely and guess what, they will need experts on the subject. That 'expert' can be you.

Help the researchers

This opens an opportunity for you and your business. Contact their researchers and ask what topics are planned to be featured on their show. Sometimes, the researcher will contact you if you or your business can be featured on their show. You must be able to give out information about the subject and at the same time represent your business. By being featured in a television program, especially in a high-rating show, you can reach more people, market it for free and eventually, there will be an increase in business growth.

My personal experience

Last year during summer, I started Meme Tees - a small T-shirt printing business with my sister. We had a few sales and had some profits from it. That was during the hype of 9gag and internet memes. One day, someone from GMA-7 called me on my mobile phone and asked some questions about the T-shirt printing business. Though we were not featured on the show, I was surprised that even small business (I still prefer to call it hobby that profits) can have this kind of opportunity. Meme Tees was only discovered through its Facebook fan page though it also has its own website and promotions on many websites.

My point is, whether you are big or small, there will always be an opportunity for businesses to use the power of tri-media. So, if you want your small business to increase reach to increase sales for the year, what I suggest is to establish your online presence and be known in the internet because some of the researchers use the internet and social media to find people or business to be featured on their television program.

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Mark Hugh Neri

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