Television Shows That Are Worth Watching

Watching television every day has become a tradition in every Filipino house. Aside from tear-jerking or hilarious television shows that are being patronized by the Filipinos, the television has also become a source of daily news that inform the viewers what's happening nationwide. While these shows enjoy the viewership and attention they have been receiving for a long time, there are more to what the Filipino media has to offer—educational and informative television shows that are worth watching because of the different benefits it provide to the minds and lifestyle of the viewers.

Anything Under The Sun: Umagang Kay Ganda

Umagang Kay Ganda (or A Beautiful Morning) is a daily morning show on ABS-CBN. It is a show that aims to make a person's day beautiful by offering informative, inspiring, and entertaining topics first thing in the morning. It also provides news and the current trends in the country, as well as advices that range from studying to motherhood, and offers practical tips with regards to different issues such as house or job management.

With hosts such as Bernadette Sembrano, Bianca Gonzales, Anthony Taberna, and other renowned TV personalities, UKG surely has viewers that support them all throughout. Because of the show's success, it received prestigious awards such as Best Morning Show and Best Morning Show Hosts at 25th PMPC Star Awards for Television on 2012, and Best Morning Show in the 10th Gawad Tanglaw. It runs daily from 5:00 AM to 8:00 A.M.

Nourishing The Mind: Matanglawin

Another show from ABS-CBN, Matanglawin (Hawkseye) is a program that features science-inclined educational topics, and is geared towards the youth. With its tagline, “Mapanuri, mapagmatyag, at mapangahas”, it is a show that takes the viewers to an adventure to natural and supernatural worlds, including wildlife, science and cultural aspects, and general knowledge.

With Kuya Kim (Kim Atienza) as its host, he pulls the audience to an exploration that will surely feed their minds with significant knowledge. The show has also proven its worth to be watched, with its credentials on awards such as Best Educational Program in the 2012 UPLB Gandingan Awards, Earth Day Ambassador for Biodiversity Conservation and Reforestation for Kim Atienza in the 2012 Earth Day Network Inc., and Best Educational Program in the 2011 PMPC Star Awards for Television. It is shown every Sunday, 11:00 A.M.​

Health Watchdogs: Pinoy M.D.

Pinoy M.D. Mga Doktor ng Bayan is a medical program from GMA-7, under the department of GMA News and Public Affairs. It is a show that offers information on the medical concerns of the Filipinos. It also provides an interactive free on-air consultation for the viewers, with the help of its hosts Connie Sison, along with its credible, resident doctors, Dr. David Ampil II, Dr. Raul “Dr. Q” Quillamor, Dra. Jean Marquez, and Doc Oyie Balburias.

Aside from its ability to gain viewers because of its reliable information on medical aspects, Pinoy M.D. has also gained the attention of renowned award-giving bodies, such as Outstanding Public Service Program by the Golden Screen Awards, 2011 Anak TV Seal Awardee, and Best Public Service Show Host for Connie Sison in the 2010 Medianewser Awards. It can be watched Saturday, from 6:00 – 7:00 A.M.

All for Nature: Born to be Wild

Every living thing has the right to live, as how nature should be. This is what Born to be Wild tells its viewers as it embarks on an adventure in exploring and restoring wildlife. This environment-concentrated show is the Philippine's very first nature-inclined documentary show, with its hosts going through expeditions in the country's wildest places. It also has various stories they call “Born to Be Wild Diaries,” which features specific topics about the different lives in the wild, and “The Born Expeditions,” which feature different places in the wild. Formerly co-hosted with Kiko Rustia and Romi Garduce, Dr. Nielsen Donato continues the expedition with Dr. Ferdz Recio.

The roar of Born to Be Wild has not only reached the Filipino audience, but it has also been heard by the international community. It has been rewarded by Gandingan: UPLB Isko't Iska's Broadcast Choice Awards as the 2013 Best Environment-Oriented Program. The Climate Change Commission also rewarded the show with the Fr. Neri Satur Award for Environmental Heroism Awardee. BTBW also became the 1st ASEAN Biodiversity Champiion in the Media Category, and the show has also received a Finalist Certificate in the Nature and Wildlife Category in the New York Festivals for its “The Born Expeditions Finale” episode. Born to be Wild can be watched every Wednesday, 11:30 P.M.​

Eye Opener: Reporter's Notebook

Being a responsible citizen requires one to know more about the real aspects, or the social issues in the country. This is what Reporter's Notebook offers the audience—it serves as an eye opener to the Filipinos who wish to know more about the status of the different significant issues in the country. As an investigative news magazine television show, Reporter's Notebook features various episodes that range from the simple-living of a Filipino to the risky atmosphere s/he might have been living in, which reflects what kind of country we currently have.

Reporter's Notebook is world-class program that is heavily reputed and widely known for its bravery in uncovering such information about the country, a risk that a credible program possesses for the sake of the country. Reporter's Notebook is undeniably one program that is worthy to watch, what with the accolades it has been receiving ever since its first episode.

It has recently received the Best Investigative Program Award from the 2013 UPLB Gandingan Awards, the Bronze World Model for Best Public Affairs Program for the entry “Pinays for Export: The Asian Sex Trafficking Trail” in the 2009 New York Festivals for Television, and the 2008 Gold World Medal in the Best Human Interest Story Category for the entry “Batang Kalakal”. ​

What makes a program worthy to watch is the way on how it provides the information the viewers need, and these five shows have proven their worth by the heavy support its viewers have been giving them. With these, an audience will be knowledgeable and filled with the wisdom he or she needs in order to go on with his/her daily life. Image from

Mark Hugh Neri

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