10 Tips To A Happy And Worry-Free Vacation

Sometimes you need to get out of the office and explore the world. You need to breathe that fresh air and feel the ocean breeze. Your journey to financial freedom doesn't forbid you to take vacations sometimes. It is needed to re-energize and revitalize yourself for the challenges of the future. But vacations are somewhat expensive. Though there are a lot of group buying sites offering discounted travel packages, travelling is pretty costly. A typical vacation expense would include expense for your fare (airplane ticket, boat ride ticket or bus/van fees), food for travel, lodging or accomodation, entrance fees to sites and many more. Here are some tips you want to check out to have a happy and a worry-free vacation. 1. Plan ahead. Nothing beats planning ahead your travel vacation. Create a checklist of what you need to have before going there, create a list of places that you will go to and create a simple budget of how much will it cost you. 2. Consider Group buying sites. Even though there are news about group buying scams, it is still one of the cheap alternative when it comes to travel packages. 3. Search for discounted travel tickets. Most local airline companies offer discounts and they announce it on their websites. Keep a list of the local airline companies websites and check them often. 4. Don't bring too much baggage. Aside from adding up to your travel expense because of the overweight baggage fees, it can be a burden to you when you jump from one place to another. Just bring the necessity items and assign items that can be shared to the group. 5. Save for your travel expense. Most of us would spend a whole month salary for their travel vacation alone. What I would like to suggest is to keep a certain amount per month as a short-term savings and use this for your vacation. Say if you are spending around 15,000 for a 3-day vacation, why not keep 5,000 per month and then accumulate it for three months. 6. Pay cash. Most of the transactions today are done on-line and most often needs a credit card for purchase. If you can pay in cash, do it. Do not forget that credit cards have limits that can fly way beyond your monthly salary. If you can't pay it in full the next billing statement, forget about it. 7. Budget your expenses. Create a budget for all expenses that you will have on your vacation. This includes plane tickets, your accommodation, museum fees, food and drinks, and even souvenir items that you will buy before you go home. The most important thing that you do after you create one is stick to it. You don't want yourself to accumulate debt while you're on vacation. 8. Forget technology. Technology makes sharing your moments easier and faster but take note that you are there because you wanted to enjoy the place, the scene and the people and culture around. Keep the sharing later when you're back. 9. Research and do your homework. This is where you want to make use of technology. Search for websites that can give you more information about the place and create your own itineraries. Avoid tourist guides if possible as they are mostly expensive. 10. Be safe. Inform your family that you are going on a trip. Know the emergency hotline numbers on the place you are going to. Bring your vitamins, maintenance drugs and common medicines. It's always better to be safe than sorry. Life has so much to offer us and we deserve to take part of its beauty. I hope this simple tips can make your vacation a happy and a worry-free one.

Mark Hugh Neri

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