Thank you, my younger self

A few weeks from now, I'll be celebrating my 31st birthday. In a famous Filipino saying, this will be the year before my age would not be part of a month's calendar ("wala na sa kalendaryo").

Today I attended a Financial Planning Workshop from Sun Life Philippines. And for some reason, it took me back to where I started. The time where my eyes opened to the bigger world of finances - where before I only knew about a bank's savings account.

And with all the experiences I had during the next several years of my life, I wanted to thank my younger self. And If I have the opportunity to write a letter to my past self, I'd write something like this --

Dear Mark Hugh from 2011,

How’s your day going? Is everything at work okay, I know you are learning a lot and quite enjoying it. I know you love when it’s challenging and love it even more when you are resolving tickets and issues one by one.

Don’t forget to take a rest every once in a while. I know there’s a lot of energy in you but take care of your health. You are not going to be young forever.

You are only 24 years old yet you wanted to take on more senior roles at work. Don’t rush it. Believe your manager when he says that you are not ready.

I know the burden of being a breadwinner is a heavy one. Don’t be too hard on yourself, everything will be okay as long as you diligently accomplish each obstacle one small piece at a time.

Image: The 21 year old me

But hey, seriously, thank you…

There’s a lot of things that I’d still want to share with you but I want to end this letter with a “Thank You”.

Thank you for deciding early on that some action needs to be taken so that it would be a little less challenging for your future sons and daughters and hopefully their sons and daughters as well.

Thank you for reading that book by Bo Sanchez - My Maid Invests in the Stock Market. And thank you you didn’t stopped learning there. Thank you for discovering things such as mutual funds, life insurance, UITFs, how to make money online and all the concepts that are totally unrelated to what you have studied back in college.

Thank you, that even with financial challenges that kept coming to you, you still managed to set aside a little portion of your salary to start what you think will give you a better life ahead.

We are still not in the finish line, and will never be. It’s a journey - one that doesn’t end with us. Because life may end with our own personal life but we will forever live in someone else’s heart.

Regards and wishing all the best,
The soon-to-be 31 years old you

31 years young

So, what's in it for the years ahead? It has been a perfect timing for me to revisit my personal financial statement. Especially today that I now have my 1-year old daughter and my goals are now not only personal but becoming already for my growing family.

How about you? If you are like me in my early 30s, what are you going to tell your younger self? Were your decisions back then helped you grew to what you are now today?

Or are you on your early 20s right now where you are still exploring the big world out there? Do you think your actions today would make your future self thank you as well?

Let's discuss. Feel free to message me on Money Gizmo's Facebook page. I will surely make time to reply.

You can also contact me via the form below. Cheers to financial wellness!

Mark Hugh Neri

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