The 25 Most Dangerous Sales Myths (Part 1)

You have started your own business. You have created your own product but you have encountered one problem - how to sell it? There are a lot of tips and tricks on how to sell products effectively. There are a lot of the so-called experts giving advice but most of the time these advice might not be perfect in your business model and can backfire at you that instead of selling products, you can end up losing your customers. Here are the 25 most dangerous sales myths according to the book of the same title by Stephan Schiffman. Note: Only excerpts are shown here and does not intend to violate any copyright of the said author. Myth # 1. Always be closing. We sell because we want to earn. However, it is not advisable to focus all your time, energy and exert all your effort just to close the deal. The author also tells that in this strategy, there is something missing. It looks like there's no communication between you and your customer. You just focus on making the sale and not bother to ask what your customer really wants. Myth # 2. Selling Requires 'Can't Miss' Closing Tricks. I often see this trick when people try to sell me something. They do these weird stuffs that would sometimes deceive you or make you fall into false belief that you need their product. Does these strategies sounds familiar to you? - 'Ben Franklin close' , 'Roll-the-pen close', 'Puppy dog close'. If you are going to follow these, please forget it because customers are smart today and would not fall to these tricks anymore. Myth # 3. You Can "Warm Up" You Cold Call with Mysterious Packages. There are salesmen and saleswomen who sends their potential customers weird things from rubber balls of different sizes to a left-only sock. If you want to have a meeting with your potential customer, call him/her and make that meeting scheduled. This is also an example of Myth # 2 but in another level. Myth # 4. Sending Strange Business Letter Works. This is like Myth # 3 but instead of weird packages, you send them letter telling something weird to your potential customers. Well, just like the previous myth, this won't work as well. Myth # 5. People Love It When You Pretend You're Not a Salesperson. If you are a salesperson, act like one. No one trust a liar. It is not true that your potential customers will be very willing to buy if you act as if you are not going to sell. Myth # 6. Decision-Makers Adore Unannounced Visitors. Would you buy from someone who suddenly appears on your office or home without any notice? I guess not. If you want to make a sale, communicate with your potential customer, then, set a meeting with him/her. Read more of the remaining sales myths here Click here to get your copy of 25 Most Dangerous Sales Myths

Mark Hugh Neri

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