The Evolution of Change.

The only constant this in this world is change. You can see it everywhere, label it to anything and say it to people. You would all agree that change is good if it’s for the common better. However, me must always look at change as a phase. It may lead you up or down, everything happens for a reason. Much more, it is also a consequence of what we have done. As I started dreaming, I have always thought of change; in myself, for our status, for our family and for our betterment. However, just lately after getting my hour of power from Anthony Robbins, I have thought of a word that has not been incorporated with the word change for a while. The secret word for change is PROGRESS. [caption id="attachment_18092" align="aligncenter" width="640"] From[/caption] Why haven’t I thought of it in the first place? I was focusing too much on changing, achieving my dreams yet the most important thing that I should have is missing? What I have realized that everything is constantly changing. Anyone can change, but not anyone can progress. That’s what Anthony Robbins is teaching so I want to share this to you. Do you want to progress? Do you want your change to be worth it? Then start for Progress. How will you achieve progress? FIRST, HAVE A GOAL. You can’t be going anywhere. You have to have a vision of yourself in the future. It is what you want. It will guide you all throughout your journey in your life so you will have a purpose. Whatever it is, your goal will decide whether you will progress or not. MAKE YOUR MUST. Must is different from want. It compels you to do things and is obliged to persevere for that something. Musts can be more than one, because if you want progress, your must will teach you to be better. LEARN MASTERY. The secret to this is habit. You should first start by the habit of conditioning your intellect, then your emotions, then physically.a. Intellectual mastery. Make some researches of what you want and what will you be. Start yourself by conditioning your mind that you are worth of the best. You can have what you want. You have to instill that into your head. If it takes every day mind conditioning then do it.b. Emotional Mastery. After you have set your mind let your heart succumb it. Believe in your dreams, grow in confidence that your fate sets you to progress. If you have an emotional attachment, then I can tell you that your dream is hard to get away. c. Physical mastery. After you have thought of it, believed in it, your body will not need a whistle to signal what you need to do. You will do the things that you needed to do. Find and starve for that knowledge, training and everything. d. Accept Change. You cannot have everything. You might work hard enough, wanted badly, yet it didn’t turn out well. Well the fact is, sometimes, we are coursed to our roads so that we can see the real road that is meant for us. Don’t be afraid. If you don’t give up, then you can dream of another dream. Good Luck on your plans, I hope we can Dream and look for the deeper meaning of change. You must PROGRESS.   Sources:

Mark Hugh Neri

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