The Financial-Wise Full-Time Employee Checklist

It's been 10 months since I started my journey towards financial freedom and I must say I have encountered some ups and downs already. There's been months when there's profit but there's also months when I am at a loss. But, whatever happens I make sure that I will always be eyeing on my target - financial freedom. I am a full-time employee and probably you are too. They say that employees seldom find time to manage their finances because of their busy schedules and due to lack of knowledge in doing so. So, here's my personal list of what a full-time employee can do in order to have a better control over your finances. You might be surprised someday that you already have more than what you need. So, here's my Financial-Wise Full-Time Employee Checklist [impt text="10. Have a Bank Account."] At least one savings account will do but it is okay if you want more than one for as long as you can manage them. It will only require you some valid IDs and some forms to fill-out.[divider] [impt text="9. Pay Yourself First."] I guess if you already read some of my articles in this blog, you have read a lot of this reminder already. Paying yourself first means setting aside of your salary for your future needs every month.[divider] [impt text="8. Create a Budget."] It will only be tedious during the first three to six months but after you know your spending patterns already, it will be easier to adjust. Separate needs from wants. Set the amount as exact as possible.[divider] [impt text="7. Set A Financial Goal."] You can have a short, mid, or long-term financial goal. Be specific with the amount. If you want to have your first million after 10 years, then write it on a piece of paper and put it somewhere you can always see.[divider] [impt text="6. Mind Your Own Business."] Not everyone has the skills of an entrepreneur but I believe that everything can be learned. Try to sell something or try to solve a problem. It will not always be the profit that's important but the skills you will learn along the way.[divider] [impt text="5. Invest In The Stock Market."] The stock market is not only for the stock brokers and financial geeks. You can find your way earning through this financial vehicle if you do your homework. Resources can be found free in the Internet, but be careful, not everything is right. [panel-image src="" caption="Full-time Employee Checklist"] [impt text="4. Direct Selling."] If you cannot make your own product, then buy some products from a reputable company at a discount and sell it to your colleagues.[divider] [impt text="3. Network Marketing."] It is similar to Direct Selling but aside from selling products directly to your customers, you can also invite them to join your venture and earn income just like you.[divider] [impt text="2. Invest in UITF."] If you don't have time to study the current status of the stock market, then let someone do it for you. Banks are offering investment vehicle called UITFs which is basically a pooled fund invested in stocks, time deposits, treasury bills among others.[divider] [impt text="1. Invest in Mutual Funds."] Mutual funds are similar to UITFs but is not offered by banks but by financial companies. The advantage of the mutual funds is that each participant is a share holder and have a say on the strategy being done by the fund manager. But I guess still depends on the amount of shares you have just like stocks.[divider] You are not required to do everything all at once but at least start something today. If you need help to any of the things on the list, let me know through the comments section below.

Mark Hugh Neri

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