The Mobile Service Scam That Is Named Clipz

Do you wonder where your prepaid load goes to? You just loaded 100 pesos and yet by the end of the day you can't subscribe to mobile data because your balance is insufficient.

Guess what? Someone's being creative at scamming people today - introducing

How it works?

I finally called their hotline number - O977-635-97II and got some answers from their customer support representative.

Without you knowing it, when you watched a certain video or click on a link, you will be automatically subscribed to their service! The representative mentioned that they will ask you first, but as you can see on the SMS I've received from 2251, they just 'successfully subscribed' me into their service.

Charging 5 pesos daily

Unfortunately, I haven't noticed this SMS until today when I realized that I'm being charged daily for something I didn't subscribed to. You have to reply a specified keyword for the service to stop.

STOP VD to 2251  

Not the only one

Aside from Clipz, there is also GamePad which is basically the same idea. I was subscribed to one as well, so that's 10 pesos worth of load everyday since who knows when.

NTC, Globe, is this legal?

I am tired of hearing the terms "fair usage". Is this fair? Is this how modern marketing works? Can these companies be fair to consumers? Is this even legal?

Mark Hugh Neri

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