The Process of Going There

I have always thought that when I have a dream, I can do anything. I will get there and there’s no one who can stop me to do it. Then I have listened to the audio blog by Anthony Robbins making me realize what most of us needs. Just 17 minutes of it and a bell rang on my head with agreement saying hell yes, that’s exactly right? Did I just hear what I need to hear? Knowing that I have been writing tips, articles on how people can dream and how to envision ourselves to be for something significant someday. The process of achieving it is also very important. The Secret. It is a mindset, empowered by the Law of attraction. What you desire, what you dream of it will be attracted to you. Just keep in mind a positive outlook. It’s like ritual repeatedly saying “I will be this, I want this” then slowly by process you will do it, own it and the Universe will hand it to you. You’ll realize you’re there. Focus. Hey, you are not going anywhere. You’ve got to brace yourself and go for something. The things that you do should always have an effect, should always lead to your dreams. You can’t multitask with your dreams. You may have a multiple dreams but make sure that it’s not entangled with each other. There’s only a thing in your mind “You want it, you will achieve it.” You cannot achieve a thing if you are thinking of the other. Dreams are possessive, it wants the whole you, thinking working and going for it. Keep a strategy.This a serious stuff I think, cause every article that I have read about dream building, strategy is what will keep my focus and tracks on. This strategy consists of tools and time frame that will help you assessing and improving. I don’t what strategy you’d like to use, either going back to school, self-help, trainings, as long as you know it can contribute to your self-improvement and help you gather that strength to go on. It is what you needed; it is what will sharpen your fangs, thicken your skin, and help you endure everything along the way. Start Today. Laziness and excuses should not be in your vocabulary; rather a break should be used. You have a deadline to catch and the difference between having a break and having excuses matters. Breaks are often used for you to rest a while and avoid burning out, but if you are too lazy or find some reasonable words to excuse yourself and stop, I think you are not on the right path. Every dreamer has a fire burning, within. I’ve always come out with that line because I know it’s true. So keep that fire A struggle to Inner conflict. What is inner conflict? It is an anxiety, born out of your fear, low self-esteem, doubt and stress. Whatever triggers it, you have to fight it by knowing the cause and calming yourself. A movie from 3 idiots tells us that the heart can be fooled by the brain. “All is well” yes, for most instances, it is true. Ration and emotion plays a major part in our inner conflicts. If you feels scared and in doubt, then look for something, or pray more. Inner conflict is a theme that shows a Man vs. Man plot not in a movie but to your life. You can be the antagonist, slowly ripping off the confidence, building doubts within yourself and crashing on your focus. The greatest weapon is? - The secret. Your mindset is also your weapon. It will be yours, claim it. What’s missing?Assessment is very important. The missing aspect does not only cover on what you need, it asks the question, where am I now? How did I do so far? Did I give my 100%? Am I happy? The last question will determine the most essential part of every dream which is filling out the hole in our hearts; the purpose. Yes, everyone is called for something and for sure that calling will make you do the best out of it. If you are happy, then you are on the right track but if not, you might as well want to reassess. The process where you are on the road of perspiring and running towards your dream won’t be easy. These things might help you along the way. The real secret is within you and the strategy to get there will always be helpful. May you reach your dreams. Image credits : From

Mark Hugh Neri

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