My Thoughts On Monetizing Personal Blogs

This might not be a personal finance related post but I just want to share what I think about personal blogs and the opportunities they are missing out. I love reading personal blogs. It's like reading a person's autobiography. You can go where he or she goes, you can taste what they ate, you can feel what emotions they had during their experiences. Personal blogs can vary from travel blogs, review blogs, fashion and beauty blogs or even politics and current events. One of my favorites is reading a travel blog since I am really a frustrated traveler. I always dreamed of going to many places in and out of the country. I wish I can fulfill that dream someday.

How much do you want to earn from your Personal Blog?

Going back to the topic, just recently I was able to stumble upon two travel blogs - Lakwatsero and Lakwatsera de Primera. Both bloggers have gone to a lot of places already and possibly has a lot of readers too. Their blogs were quite amazing and I was also planning to put up my own adventure blogs as well though it might not have contents right now. But both are really inspiring and if you are one of the many people who plans or dreams to travel around the world, then I suggest to put up a blog about it. I have also a college classmate who put up her own travel blog - Dream Love Travel.

What's missing here?

You know it's quite expensive to travel. Though yes there are discounts and the likes but travelling for me needs some funding. You'll need money for the cab, bus and train rides, your accommodation, your food and drinks and of course for the places that you want to visit. Bottomline is - you'll need money. One challenge that I need to overcome for the dream to travel.

What can be done?

Monetize your personal blogs. Having a nice amount of traffic to your website or blog can bring proportional amount of traffic too. Once you have done some easy tweaks to increase web site traffic, then you can already setup Google Adsense. Google Adsense is one of the many services of Google which gives publishers (that's us - bloggers and website owners), the opportunity to earn by displaying relevant ads in our sites. Using this product, they can earn additional income that can enable them to travel more, blog more and definitely earn more!

Check out the personal blogs mentioned here:

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