3 Things You Need To Create Your Own Website

A lot of people have been asking me a question - how to create their own website. Some will be creating their own blog, some would want to create their own online store, some photographer-wannabes want to have their own online gallery, and some would like to create their own professional web page. While some would suggest to create their websites using web template services and other similar sites, I still prefer to create sites using popular CMS such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. The main reason is customization. But what things you really need first to create your own website?

Creating your own website would need the following:

1. Domain Name

Of course you can get sub-domains from free-hosting sites and blog services such as Blogger and WordPress but if you are creating a brand for your product, getting a sub-domain is a no-no. A domain name will cost about 7-12 dollars depending on the domain name you are getting. Get a domain name that ends in either .com, .net, .org (if you are creating a non-profit organization) or .info and .biz. If your business is aiming the local markets, it is advisable to get a local TLD such as .US, .PH or .IT depending on which country you are targeting. Your domain name should reflect your brand. If possible, get one that's the same with your business or company name.Also, defer from getting a very long domain name as it would be difficult to remember. To register a domain name, you can visit Namecheap or Go Daddy. You can also search the internet for Promo Codes as this can give your 3-dollar domain names.

2. Web hosting service

Your web site needs a house to live in. A web hosting provides a 'place' in their servers where your web site files will be located. There are free web hosting services out there but I don't suggest getting from them since there could be an issue in security as well as speed. Web hosting fees can be as low as 3-7 dollars per month up to several hundred dollars per month depending on the package you will be getting. The cheapest is what they call 'Shared Hosting' where your website shares the location with other websites. The more expensive ones are VPS and Dedicated hosting which you will definitely need if your site has a lot of traffic. For starters, it's okay to get a Shared Hosting package either from Hostgator or Blue Host - both has superb hosting service and has already established reputation in the industry.

3. Content

The most important thing you need when creating your own website is content. If you are creating a website that will sell products and services, then your content could be the gallery or portfolio of whichever products you have. If you are creating a forum or a Q & A site, this would be the initial threads or questions that you will be building yourself. If you will be creating a blog, then this will be your blog posts. What's important is, you create your own high-quality content especially today that Google Search Engine indexing algorithm focuses more on quality and not quantity.

List of Websites must-haves

Additionally, there are pages or parts of websites that are deemed necessary as it makes your site more legit and professional. Including these parts are not a requirement but will give your site plus points in terms of Search Engine Optimization and more business-oriented.

1. About Us Page

This page will describe who are the creators of the site and which business or company they represent. It can also state what the goals and objectives of the website are.

2. Product and Service gallery

This should be a requirement if you are creating a products and services web site. This should be as presentable as possible and should clearly provide information to the users.

3. Contact Us Page

Sooner or later people will reach your sites and will look for your contact information. The right place to put your contact details is to create a web page and provide them your contact numbers, e-mail address or a contact form.

4. Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

You should let the user know what kind of information you are getting such as Cookies in order to give them better web experience. You can also put a disclaimer if you think that you are giving out information readers can follow but you do not assure them the correctness of it. You can check out Money Gizmo's own Disclaimer and Privacy Policy links from the footer section.

One important avenue that businesses should consider today is Social media. You should provide a place where visitors can access links to your social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and others. Most of these websites also provides widgets such as Facebook like box and Twitter streams. Make sure you place them in proper places such as sidebars or footers.

NO-NO's in Creating your own website

1) No sub-domains
2) No free web hosting
3) No domain masking service
4) No long domain names
5) No too much ads

Mark Hugh Neri

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