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Where did my money go? Why do I have to borrow money just to survive the week before payday? Why it seems that my wallet has holes in it? Why? Do these questions look familiar to you? A book entitled 'Pera Na Hindi Bitin' might be the answer to these questions. Honestly I have encountered the same questions during my early months as an employee. I guess that's because my first salary was not sufficient enough to cover my expenses. But, would you believe that people from the high-grade salaries also asks these questions too? They wonder where did they money have gone to. They keep their budget very tight, weeks before payday because they're almost out of cash. They even cancel their buys at the cashier because they have no more money left in their wallet. Most of us didn't care a lot about our money. Yes. We don't want to be in control of our finances. We often tell ourselves that we have the right to spend every cent of it since it is the product of our hard work. We wanted to satisfy our needs and wants because we deserve to. But no, we might have overlooked at something that can make or break our future. We crave for the short-term satisfactions instead of our long-term goals. Here is something worth reading that may guide you in your journey to living a financially free life. One day, a friend have suggested me to buy the book "Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin". She was so excited about it since the book only costs 50 pesos and the author is a Christian just like her. I was able to download the book but unluckily it was only the introduction part. During the same day, after work, I went to the nearest National Book Store and looked for it. I was not able to find it myself so I asked a saleslady if they have a copy of it and yes, they have. For only 50 pesos, this book can change your views about managing your finances that might change your life too. So, what does this book says? Just like most of the local books I've read, this book discussed tips about how you can live without the burden of worrying where to get the money for tomorrow's expenses. Here are the tips from the book by Eduardo O. Roberto, Jr - Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin. [panel-image src="" caption="Tips For Living Financially Free - Pera na Hindi Bitin"] Strategy 1. Save. It may seem simple enough but not everybody have the habit of saving. Some people says they save, but after some months or even weeks, they end up spending their savings. It takes discipline to get into the habit of saving. Save at least 10-20 percent of your net income every month. The author also suggested to follow the Automatic Millionaire Savings System where one requests the bank to automatically transfer a part of his income to one account where you put all your savings only. Personally, I have an account from BPI that have this feature - BPI Direct Save-Up. [divider] Strategy 2. Give. You acquire wealth because you wanted to give. You wanted to give to your family, friends, loved ones, other people and last, yourself. This also include tithing where you give a part of your income back to our Provider. According to the bible: "If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him?" - 1 John 3:17 [divider] Strategy 3. Get out of debt and stop borrowing. What the author means here is to get out of BAD debts. Those debts that creates more liabilities instead of assets. We should only spend what we can afford. We should be able to stick to our budget and avoid unnecessary expenses. If you use your credit card to buy things that may not be very important and have come to a point where you have been overusing it, you may want to cut it off already and pay all your debts first. [divider] Strategy 4. Live simply. This may not be new to you but a lot of people doesn't even believe in Living Below Your Means. I also happened to be reading Suze Orman's The Laws of Money. She said that we should be truthful to ourselves in financial terms as well. We are telling the world today who we are financially speaking through the clothes we wear, the car we drive and the shopping bags we carry, but are we telling the truth? Even most of the millionaires live a simple lifestyle, so why can't we? [divider] Strategy 5. Magsipag, mag-negosyo (Be industrious, engage in a business). Gone are the days where there is job security. As an employee, you work for your company, you work for the business owner's wealth. In our own business, we work for our own wealth. Let's mind our own business now! [divider] Strategy 6. Mag-invest (Invest). The biggest mistake in your journey to financial freedom is putting ALL your money in the bank's savings account. One must find a way where he can preserve the amount of money he has and it's value as well. There are a lot of investments to choose from whether it is stocks, mutual funds, unit investment trust fund, bond and treasury bills or even real estate and you can learn what's the best for you from this blog. [divider] Strategy 7. Educate yourself. You should not come to a war without even a knife. You don't venture out to businesses and investments without learning it first. As early as possible, attend seminars and workshops where you can learn and educate yourself with all the knowledge you would need to attain financial freedom. During my free time I come to Book Sale or National Book Store to check on books that would add more to my knowledge and skills. Recently I bought "Think And Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill (145 pesos) and "The Laws of Money" by Suze Orman (80 pesos) from Book Sale. These are the summarized tips from this book. What awaits you now is to take ACTION...NOW! Click here to get a copy of the book Pera Na Hindi Bitin

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