Top 10 Life Lessons the Movie 'Pursuit to Happyness' Taught Me

I just watched Pursuit to Happyness last night and was moved by the story. The movie is based from a true story about Chris Gardner who, in some point on his life, has struggled together with his son being homeless. This is highly recommended for everyone especially for those who are starting to believe that there's no hope. I have learned a lot of lessons you might want to follow too. Here's my personal top 10 lessons the movie taught me: Lesson 10 - Pay your taxes (and bills). Well, this doesn't just tell us to pay our taxes on time but also every bills and obligations you have. In the movie, Chris Gardner had already asked for extension of his tax payment but unfortunately on the third extension, his 600 dollars was taken from him without his consent. So, pay your taxes and bills especially credit cards as it may be your enemy if you forgot to pay on time. Lesson 9 - What you pay is what you get. Chris wants the best for his son but unfortunately he is short of budget and can only afford cheap day care center for him. One day he found out that the teacher only let his son to watch television during class hours. In reality, if you want he best, there's really a price to pay. Lesson 8 - Have a budget. Chris knows what to do in order to survive. He knows he need to sell 2 bone scanners in order to have money for the rent, food and school fees for his son. Have a budget. You will have a clear picture on what you need and whether you need more income for everyday living. Lesson 7 - Have a friend. At some part in the movie, Chris was left by his wife because she is not happy with him anymore. When time comes that he needs to move out of his apartment, he was helped by his friend. Friends come in handy especially in the most unfortunate events in your life, so have one. Lesson 6 - Start from the top. Break the standards, start from the top. While most of his colleague starts from the lowest ranking officials to offer their financial products, Chris started from top - he contacts the CEO and the rest is history. Let's try to break the rules sometimes and refrain from following the standards. Lesson 5 - There's no time machine. One man thoughts the bone scanner was a time machine but there's no such thing as a time machine (at least not yet). Whatever we do is in the present. The present is a blessing that's why we call it gift (from the movie Kung Fu Panda). Lesson 4 - Do things as if it's the last day doing it. In the part of Chris' life portrayed in the movie, almost everything is a matter of life and death. Everything is carefully done each day because whatever he does could mean life or death for him and his son. In everything we do, let's bet our lives on it. Do things as if it's the last day doing it. Lesson 3 - Take the risk, it's worth it. Would you be able to use your life savings on a product that might not really sell at all? Well, Chris did it and had a hard time selling each single piece of bone scanners he bought using their savings. It is not really about selling every single piece of it so they can make a living but what really matters is the skills he had learn being a salesperson. That without learning it, he might never sold any financial products during his internship on a stockbroker firm. Lesson 2 - You can be what you want to be. He was told he cannot solve the Rubik's Cube during a taxi ride with one of his colleagues. Both the driver and his colleague was amazed when he solved the puzzle for the first time when no one ever did. You can do what you want to do. You can be what you want to be. He also told his son, never let anyone destroy your dreams. Step up and go reach that goal because you can if you will. Leson 1 - We are destined to be happy. If you will just follow your dreams and goal, you will reach the finish line. The Pursuit of Happyness taught me that happiness won't come to us easily, we got to work hard and put our efforts to everything we do in order to reach it. That would be my top 10 lessons from the movie. If you still haven't watched it, I suggest watch it one of these days and let me know what you learn from it.

Mark Hugh Neri

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