Top 10 Philippine Financial Trends 2013

If we have fashion trends that states what kind of clothes and style are 'in' during a specific time, we also have something called 'financial trends' which tells us what finance instruments or ideas are 'in' during this year. I have watched a YouTube video from the a news channel discussing 10 financial trends you might want to check out his year 2013. The Top 10 Financial Trends as stated in the video are the following: 10. New developments in PERA bill law. To those who don't know what PERA bill is, it stands for Personal Equity and Retirement Account. It is most likely a retirement savings plan that is offered to those with Philippine Tax Identification Number. As of the last update from this blog post, there's a delay on the implementation because BSP is still working out on some operational issues. But this year, there will be new developments and I think it will be started to implement this year. [divider] 9. Inflation down trend. One of the challenges in growing your money in any financial instruments is the battle against inflation. Since there would be a downtrend of inflation, we could expect that our investments and savings will have better gains for this year. 8. Integrated ASEAN Market. I'm not pretty sure if this is number eight on the list but I heard the reported mention that this year we can expect to be able to invest in other ASEAN countries markets such as Indonesia and Vietnam. Now we have more options and opportunities to grow our money. 7. New investment products that protects principal. One of the worries in investing is the risk of losing the principal amount. This year, we can expect to have investment products that can very risky but instead of losing everything including the capital, your principal amount will still be intact. 6. Mutual funds and UITs for the masses. Though I think both are already offered as affordable to the masses, we can expect that there would be more options that is cheaper and easier for the common investor. If you want to learn more about mutual funds, you can visit Mutual Fund Investment Information. [caption id="attachment_18171" align="aligncenter" width="425"] From[/caption] 5. Further downtrend in home lending rates. Aside from investing in paper assets such as stocks and mutual funds, people also invests in real estate. This year, we can expect to have a lower home lending rates as many people are into buying and investing condominium units and house and lots. 4. Entry of exchange traded funds. ETFs are somewhat similar to mutual funds but traded like a stocks. This 2013, we can expect that we will have an exchange-traded funds on the Philippine Stock Market. 3. Real estate sector boom. As you travel along the metro, you will notice a lot of developers are building condominium units. A lot of people too invests in such but the question that should be raised is - is it sustainable? 2. 6,000 Level for the Philippine Stocks Exchange Index (PSEI). The video was posted last January 2, 2013 and after five days, the 6,000 level was broken last January 7, 2013. 1. The Philippines as a global player. Almost in every aspect you can draw the picture that Philippines financial state is doing great and is performing very well. I am optimistic that in the near future, about 3 to 5 years from now, Philippines as a global player will not be only a dream. Are you excited with the ten financial trends listed here? Watch the video report by Salve Duplito as posted in ABS-CBN News Online

Mark Hugh Neri

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