Top Job Search Sites in the Philippines

Want to avoid the hassle from staying in long lines with co-walk-in applicants without actually knowing if you and your resume will be entertained? Then, if you want to save both time and physical effort in ensuring a slot in seeking for a job, you might as well apply quick, the electronic way. Job sites (or job “websites”) are electronic versions of the classified ads section of a newspaper. Equipped with search engines, finding jobs are now less-hassle and more convenient! Just type in the kind of work you specialize in into the search engine and your dream job is just a type and a click away!

Here are some of the most reliable job sites in Philippines that can surely help you:

The premiere of Philippine job sites, has been assisting the Filipinos in job searching since 1996. Spearheaded by the company Web Philippines, Inc (WPI), this website's main goal is to offer Filipinos with an accessible place for infinite career opportunities. Complemented with the technological innovation of WPI, is incorporated with three strategic aspects: website assessment/planning, design and development, and management; all three adding up to the reliability and credibility of the site. labels itself as a “Complete Online Career Resource,” and until now, it has been living up to its tagline.

Marking the job sites list since August 2008, went under substantial development to prepare a reliable jobs database for the Filipinos until it relaunched on June 21, 2012. Albeit still a young job site, JobsPilipinas has been a credible source for Filipinos who wish to have work in their own motherland. As the job site's mission states, JobsPilipinas primarily focuses on “Helping Filipinos find jobs in the Philippines.” In order to keep in line with its mission, JobsPilipinas has a protocol for a more efficient way of finding jobs in the Philippines. It upholds a time limit of 21 days or 3 weeks for a job ad exposure (average length of a typical job vacancy), enabling an extensive list of only the most current jobs for Filipinos.

While JobsPilipinas focuses on providing jobs within the country, WorkAbroad has been serving as an online career source for those who want to work overseas since 2013. While some are wary about fraud job sites, WorkAbroad is an absolutely safe place since it is a pooling site for the top recruitment agencies in the Philippines, which are accredited by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).


Finding a job should be paired with assurance that the job site is valid. If validity is what you want to focus on, then you should really check on Phil-Job.Net, the official government site for Philippine jobs. On 2004, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has affiliated with TERIX Technologies in establishing this website. As of May 2013, Phil-Job.Net has 135,380 applicants, 131,134 job vacancies, and 8,512 skills for hire. It is also a partner site for JobStreet.Com and

Originating from Malaysia on 1995, JobStreet has expanded its online recruitment database to Asian-Pacific countries, including Philippines. It is currently one of the most trusted hiring an leading websites in our country, earning a Google Pagerank of 6, as of May 2013. Both international and local Asian companies hire from JobStreet's growing number of skilled employees, aided with the job site's exceptional management of recruitment processes. It is mostly known by employees as “Lina,” the name that appears in their inboxes whenever JobStreet has new jobs in store for them.

So, what are you waiting for? Registration for these sites are free! Apply now!

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