Things to Know Before You Transfer Your Domain to Blue Host

So I already decided to transfer Money Gizmo from my old host so that I only maintain one web hosting. Having two different host for someone who is only starting to create money online is not practical. And comparing both my web host, Blue Host is the better one. I will be teaching you what things do you need to know before you transfer your domain to Blue Host. Blue Host is a shared web hosting company owned by Endurance International Group located in USA. It hosts over 1.9 million domains together with its sister companies, HostMonster and FastDomain.

Features of a Blue Host web hosting account

Once you have an account with them, you will enjoy the following features: Unlimited Domain Hosting Unlimited Hosting Space Unlimited Bandwidth Free 1 Domain Fee Site Builder $100 Google Adwords (For those living in US) 24/7 Phone, Chat and E-mail support All of these you can get for an introductory price of $4.95 / month. Succeeding renewals will cost you $6.95 per month. Having unlimited domain hosting and bandwidth makes all the payment worth it. If you want to enjoy further discount, you may use my affiliate link here.

Transferring Your WordPress to Blue Host

Now let's go back to the topic. Transferring your web site built with WordPress is pretty straightforward especially if you will still use the same domain.

You will need to have a copy of your SQL database. Open phpMyAdmin from your cPanel account. Navigate to the SQL database your WordPress account, you can find it from your wp-config.php file in the directory of your WordPress installation. Just find the line DB_USER similar to what is shown below.

Once you identified the name of your database and exported it. You might need to change the name because hosting accounts automatically appends a prefix to your database name. For example, your oldhostprefix_wpdatabase might need to change to newhostprefix_wpdatabase. Also, the same can also be done with your database user name. Just change both values in the wp-config.php file once you changed it. The final step in migrating your WordPress site is to copy the whole folder of your WordPress installation to your new host. You have now migrated your WordPress site to your Blue Host account. Transfer your Domain Name to Blue Host Transferring a domain to Blue Host means you are going to change the registrar. It is not the same as assigning the domain to your cPanel account. Assigning just let you use the domain name in your web hosting account but not manage it or renew it. I have decided to transfer my domain to Blue Host so that I just need to manage one account and completely forget about the old one.

1. Verify your ownership.

Before your perform any domain migrations to your Blue Host account. You need to verify your account. You can do this by sending them a copy of the front and back of the credit card you used to purchase the web hosting service. Don't forget to block the first 12 digits and the 3-digit CVV code found at the back of your card.

2. Unlock your domain name.

Once you have verified your account, Blue Host will allow you to transfer domain names to your account. The next step you need to do is to unlock the domain name from your old registrar. To unlock, you need to go to your old registrar and find the domain management area and find the unlock option. You might need to view the documentation of your old registrar to locate it.

3. Find the EPP code.

Aside from unlocking the domain. You need to supply the EPP code from your old registrar. EPP code is the domain's secret code that will prevent someone from getting your domain without notification.

4. Privacy Protect removal.

If you have purchased an additional product called Privacy Protect, you need to request for its removal before you can transfer your domain to Blue Host. Privacy Protect hides your real contact information from those people that want to know the real owner of the domain. In the process of migration, Blue Host will send an e-mail to the Domain Admin that contains a verification code that you need to enter. If you have successfully removed the Privacy Protect, you will see your own e-mail in the Administrative contact details portion of your domain WHO.IS.

5. Renew Domain registration.

Transferring a domain would require you to renew your domain registration. When you renew your domain, it will not forfeit the remaining days from your old registration but will add to the new expiration. The price of renewal depends on your new registrar, in my case Blue Host charged me $13.99 per year.

6. Confirm domain transfer.

After renewal, the old registrar will send an e-mail to you asking if you would like to cancel the transfer. If you will not send a reply within 7 days, the transfer will proceed and your domain will now be managed by your new registrar. This would be the last step and what you need to do is do nothing. Just wait for 7 days to finally finish the domain transfer.

That's all the steps you need to do for transferring your web site and the domain to your Blue Host account. I was able to do the web site migration within 2 hours and as little as 5-10 minutes down time. You just need to plan everything and execute accordingly. As for the domain name migration, it took me quite some time since you need to communicate with customer support from both your old and new registrar. Right now, I am just waiting for the 7-day period. On Monday, Money Gizmo will be managed under one of the best web hosting company out there - Blue Host.

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