Trapped In A Rat Race

This year, (2011) I got hired as a project engineer in the country's top construction project management firm. I was so excited then, until I realized after a month in my first job, that ends have a hard time to meet. I have to face the debts of my mother incurred during my college days. At that point I realized, that having a job is not enough to get started what I wanted to start when I got the job - to save. One time I read a book referred to me by my friend, Mark, the Robert Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". It tells me one thing, "I studied my whole life for this?". Being an employee is not that bad, but if we could be doing something better, to stay a such is not practical. We some how trapped into so many myths about money that we learned from our parents, school, friends and even religion. It sounds unfair to settle for less if you could live a better life. We all want to become rich and fulfill our dreams, but we should learn first what to do and how to do it. [panel-image src=""] For now, investing on my knowledge when it comes to professionalism, self, and money matters is what I'm doing right now little by little, I could live the life that I want someday. Something that is not routine of miseries that we inherent on our poor families. I wanna go out of the trap. I wanna go out of the rat race.

Mark Hugh Neri

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