The Trend of Digital Media and Marketing; BE ON DEMAND

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” ― Charles Darwin Mathieson,R.,The On-Demand Brand, 10 rules for Digital Marketing Success in Anytime,Everywhere world.2010,USA:AMACOM.

Looking back as Globalization swallowed the world over a decade ago, drastic changes have been evident in the ways of our living, socialization and on the business realm. Globalization has indeed brought in a new domain of marketing, aside from what the traditional has previously dominated such as TV, radio and print, thus, the birth of Social Media Marketing. What makes the Digital Media Marketing compelling is based on the fact that social networks are present.

According to Browser Media, Socialnomics, MacWorld, (November 12, 2011, 1.2 Billion of the world population is using Facebook by 700 Billion minutes every month while 490 million uses Youtube every month with 92 billion page views to name a few. The Social media market has grown into digits that no traditional media has reached before in such a little span of time. Now, the big question on how to move along can start with Rick Mathieson’s The On-Demand Brand, [10 Rules for Digital success in anytime, everywhere in the world.] 2010.

The book has ten Rules tackling about how to achieve Digital Success.

Rule No. 1 Insight Comes Before Inspiration. This rule accentuates the basic rule in traditional marketing applied to Digital marketing; know thy customers. A campaign cannot be digitally dependent alone. It must have an prolific content too. The key is to know what the market needs, know their channels, and be creative, innovative.

Rule No. 2 Don’t Repurpose, Reimagine. Everyone can have its trademark or DNA but as far as digital marketing, one does not simply stick to its DNA. Reimagining, is to be the Brand that engages to other platforms to bring out the most of its purpose. Experimentation and maximization are the key for this rule.

Rule No. 3 Don’t just Join the conversation, Spark it. Digital platforms have great opportunity by making sure that there is an aimed social network destination. Talk but mostly Listen, persistence without annoyance, are just some premise of this rule. Learn how clients want to be engaged and fire it up.

Rule No. 4 There’s no Business without Show business To keep an interminable interest amongst audience, using a celebrity has always been a great way to market. Moreover, show business may be incorporated to buzz and unique curiosity arousal amongst the clients. The culture of the brand should resonate to the audience with celebrity or not. It may either be a story telling, positivity or participative, as long as it has a goal and measurable result.

Rule No. 5 Want Control? Give it away Giving the people the power to be involved and create has always been part of the marketing culture. Empowered by the digital platforms, user generated contents are easy to be a part of a campaign. Personalization is attached to this formula and there is no other direction but to make your brand juicy. The connivance of the sender and receiver makes it viral.

Rule No. 6 It’s good to play games with your customers Literally, games can be a powerful tool to reach out. Games must be sharable, competitive and in such result, that player and the games are the social network the brand is building on.

Rule No. 7 Products are the New Services Redefining the product as a service has always been of attraction to consumers. The convenience, satisfaction, availability and perks will define your product not just a product, but, a product that serves. This makes the product of value and the power that is brought to the consumers is the power of the brand itself.

Rule No. 8 Mobile is where it’s at The power of mobile marketing is more than a simple text message. With the blossom of smartphones, mobiles can reach an individual anytime, anywhere. It can use Mobile applications and features to a fast reach and responsive consumer.

Rule No. 9 Always Keep Surprises In-Store In Store Surprises means, to be limitless and endless of the innovations and offerings. It coordinates with the different mediums that can channel the brand, to service, to empower and to be relevant.

Rule No. 10 Use Smarts Ads Wisely As marketing takes the brand into the possibility of criticism or acceptance, a better way to divulge the brand is through smart advertising. Considering the demographics it must also be of content that the clients are looking for.

From the reader’s point of view, Mathieson presents a book with overflowing case studies and information. Reading this book does require the availability of the internet as the samples will simply depict amazement to the reader. It’s a good point that the author initially sets on what to expect on the content and glossary of the jargons. The book is to introduce the importance of marketing through practical and real examples of different brands that had tried and learned from the digital media.Each chapter is brain teasing because the reader is challenged to relate the samples to the topic . The entirety in the field of marketing was given importance despite the growing demand on Digital which makes it non bias. On the other hand the book lacks theoretical background on each application. The narrative focuses majorly on case studies making it experimental rather than solid.

Generally, the book is a great start for a Social Media enthusiast whom needs a lot of inspiration for creativity and innovation. It also gives a fresh perspectives on how marketing either Digital or traditional can encourage the market to be creatively limitless. This book, is good for practical learning of beginners.

Mark Hugh Neri

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