Upgrade: Developing Skills.

One type of upgrading yourself is by developing necessary skills. It not only expands your territory, but it also opens doors for opportunities that you may meet at home, at work even in the society. It will be your driving car as you pursue career growth. [caption id="attachment_18038" align="aligncenter" width="1007"] From http://digitallearning.eletsonline.com[/caption] Here are some tips on how to develop skills. First and Foremost you must be aware that the skills that you want to upgrade depend on your wants and passion. You have to pursue on something that you really want and develop it. Skills development has a purpose. It may be career growth, or a raise, or a promotion. These motivating factors will push you to do it. Might be something of personal conviction that says you want to be unique and make a difference. Know you can change. Yes a person can do anything if he thinks he can do it. Our confidence can win us fights even before we start fighting. Get started. The very thing that you should do after thinking is acting. The earlier, the better, you will be productive and use it as well. Learn fast. There is no room for slow phased learning if you really want to catch up. Our world now moves in a terabite per second. Do you want to get left behind? It requires practice and feedback. More like it, skill development is like a scientific method, it will require actual experiment, failure and recommendation. You cannot do it by yourself. You need someone to tell your improvement and much more to enhance. Be persistent. “Ningas kugon” can only lead you to boasting and worst, you won’t get your learning done. This is one of the most important characters you should have to develop a skill. It is up to us whether we will do it well or not, but just a piece of advice, if you want to do something, do it well. Some of the skills that are best to develop are below. Technical Stuff. Information Technology is in demand; you can catch up by learning it. Hardware, software or just market planning, it’s usable. Planning, Organizational and Communication skills are juts the basics. Furthermore, these three skills once developed can be used to any field that you want to be. Second Language. You know your dialect and English but did you know that a second language can give you a starting salary of more than 30k - 50k? Very tempting! Leadership. Most of the people who want to be an executive must have this. You can develop it through experience and volunteering. Whatever you want to develop, only you can finish it. Skills are very useful especially if you don’t want to settle for Mediocrity. Good Luck!

Mark Hugh Neri

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