Use Digital Technology to Stay on Top of Your Credit Card Bills

More and more Filipinos are getting in the habit of shopping online these days, thanks to the availability of a wide range of products and various payment methods that make online shopping so easy and convenient.

You or your friends may have already bought a shiny pair of new shoes from Zalora, a new tech gadget from Lazada, or a cheap travel tour from a local daily deal site like MetroDeal and CashCashPinoy. But watch out, shopping online is definitely lots of fun, but try to keep your spending in check!

It used to be so easy to lose track of your credit card purchases—but no longer, thanks to new digital apps and web tools designed to help you stay on top of your credit card bills. If you regularly use your credit card for online shopping, here are some apps and online services that you can download and use now:

Make use of your devices to manage your credit cards

Sign Up for e-Statement

Are you still waiting for your monthly credit card statement to arrive by mail? You can actually now opt to receive your statement via email—all you need to do is sign up with your bank. This feature does not only allow you to receive your statement much quicker, you also help save the environment when you go paperless! BDO and BPI are two Philippine banks that offer the e-statement facility.

Budgeting and Expense Management Software

To help you keep track of your credit card expenses, you can download a budgeting and expense management software on your computer. One example is Credit Card Tracking 2.0, which lets you track purchases and balances on multiple credit cards. The paid software lets you reconcile your monthly credit card statements with your purchases and even link directly to your card’s website.

Download a Smartphone App

There are many apps available for your smartphone useful for keeping track of your credit card spending. One example is Account Tracker by Graham Haley, which lets you monitor not just your credit card account but also your checking, current, and savings accounts. It also has a bill reminder feature that alerts you when you have a due date coming up.

Account Tracker is compatible with iPhone and iPad. It costs $1.99 on iTunes but there’s also a free “try before you buy” version. Android users can download the Expense Tracker Recorder app by MediaVision. Downloadable for free to Android phones, users can enter expenses through simple voice command.

You can use the app alongside HandWallet, another app that helps you manage your card spending and accounts. You might also want to check out Due Date Tracker by Dhanajay M. Bhate. The paid app helps you avoid paying late fees by reminding you when bills are due.

Stay on Top of Your Credit Card Bills

Filipinos shop online with their credit cards via their desktops and laptops, as well as through their mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Since you already use these tools to shop online, it only makes sense to use them as well to stay on top of your credit card bills. Tracking and keeping a record of your purchases is definitely a good way to manage your spending and personal finances.

Ask your bank if they have the option to send your monthly credit card bill through email. You can also start downloading the apps we recommended—or look for some others—until you find one that meets your exact needs. Thanks to digital technology, keeping track of your expenses, meeting due dates, budgeting, and avoiding late fees are now as easy as a few clicks.

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