Five Ways To Fire Up Your Online Presence

There is already more than one billion users of Facebook, approximately billion of Google searches everyday and the most recent YouTube viral video has accumulated more than one billion views already as of this writing - enough reasons to fire up your online presence for your business. Personally, my day won't end until I have checked my social media accounts, checked on my e-mail and checked on my forums from which I am a member of. And for most people who owns gadgets with internet connections, the scenario is the same. People access the internet through different devices such as desktops, laptops, smartphones, smart televisions, tablets, and even gaming consoles.

How's Your Online Presence?

Unfortunately, not all business exert effort to reach this new kind of media. They shy away from this modern ways of communication and stay on their traditional methods to market their products and services. I am sharing some tips you can use to start your online presence and benefit from the growing world of the Internet. Here are the five ways to boost your online presence.

1. Join Social Media.

If your business has no Facebook and Twitter accounts yet, then your are being left behind in the competition. Creation of accounts in the biggest social media network is free. If you are running a business, it is highly recommended to create a fan page instead of the ordinary user account. Twitter and YouTube are another social networking sites where you can reach out to your market. Some even has more followers on these two social media sites than on Facebook. Your only requirement to opening your account in the social media is just an e-mail address.

2. Create a blog.

Do you know that even the biggest companies such as Microsoft, HP and Accenture has their own corporate blogs? So why don't you setup one for your company? Aside from a personal blog, companies today make use of corporate blogs to reach out further to their customers. The 'personal' aura of blogs makes the company even more 'approachable' in the yes of their customers. Also, a blog can be beneficial as it always keeps the site updated which is good for SEO which we will discuss on the next item.

3. Master SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is a strategy for websites and business owners to increase their online presence. When you want your website appear in the first page of search results, you have to apply these techniques. Though many companies already take effort to applying SEO to their existing website, some are still avoiding the additional cost it may incur. Most of these sites who do not apply SEO are buried deep down in the web.

4. Viral marketing.

This indeed is a very interesting technique. Viral marketing is a kind of marketing where a certain article, video, or any media creates a hype that it suddenly become visible to many kinds of media. According to some, viral marketing consider the psychological factors. They research about certain reactions of people who will see their post. These viral media often spreads through pictures and videos and makes use of the Facebook share button or Twitter's RT (re-tweet) feature.

5. Go mobile.

There is a sudden increase of mobile users since the birth of smartphones. People are going crazy over their mobile devices such as iPhones, Android smartphones and tables and other handheld gadgets. They love the easy-access feature of such device that you don't need to open your desktop or laptop to check on something. Personally, I check my e-mails and room reservation from my cellphone so that I don't have to open my laptop. As a business owner that provides either products or services, you should also offer this kind of convenience. You will notice that a lot of companies now provide a mobile application of their product. Majority of such applications are available to Apple and Android devices but the Windows Phone market is catching up. The demand for such applications is very big and can help your business to increase your market reach and provide your customers easy-access to your services.

These are the five additional ways to create your online presence or fire it up if you already have. At this modern age of the Internet, it is not wrong to invest in such technologies, If you are the traditional ones who do not believe (yet) in the power of online advertising and marketing, then be prepared as your competitors who follow these techniques can bring your business to its extinction.

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