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This is the new home of Pera At Iba Pa! (www.peratbp.com). Come and Join the Fun! We have something big coming and it's not only in the change of name but also with the blog's content. So what are the new things you'll see in this revamped weblog? We are now using WordPress as our blogging platform. Aside from a much better interface it is more SEO friendly. There are also a lot of plugins and themes available in the internet which adds to the readers experience. We are also now hosted in a paid web-hosting service via HostASP.Net. Since this is a paid web-hosting, we can be assured that the website will be up and running 99.99% of the time. For the content, I will be putting up my tech-related articles here as well. Since this is already Money Gizmo, this will tackle about finance subjects, investments, savings, credit cards, mutual funds, stocks and other money-related subjects and of course Technology subjects like gadgets, programming, software platforms and other tips too. So, let's begin! Happy reading. PS. Please don't forget to subscribe using the Registration link on the upper right corner. Ciao!

Mark Hugh Neri

Looking for financial planning workshop or for life and/or health insurance with investment options? Got questions related to personal finance? Feel free to message me at Money Gizmo (see link below)

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