What are your dreams made of?

The title is the question that you have to answer. As we journey to the depths of this labyrinth called Life, are we sure of the path that we are choosing? Have we thought of taking a further step or just stay in our comfort zones? Yep, thinking of a place where to go is very much easy, but going there isn’t. I can still remember in our nursery graduation where we shout out where we’d like to be in the future, a doctor!, a nurse!, a teacher!. It would be much easier if dreams were like shouting what you want to be then kaboom! I’m there. But life isn’t built for that petty and short termed success, it has to be rooted within your soul, sharpened by your skills and experience and it has to be permanent. [caption id="attachment_18066" align="aligncenter" width="400"] From http://rlv.zcache.com[/caption] I have read about Bo Sanchez blogs for Self encouragement, God building relationships, and Dreaming articles, I have truly told myself where I want to be: GLORY. It is a vision of Excellence, Financial Stability and most of all give in the best in me. I have realized that success is not just an aim for being rich and famous rather it is an aim for being at best of the thing that you really want, give out your strength and dedication to one most deserving company or people where you too can envision and see yourself in the long run. It won’t be easy, I tell you. The towering demands of this life can easily pull you down and just live off your comfort zone. It takes only one great soul to do the best in his lifetime and purse a dream. If there’s something God wanted me to do, I am sure, it is to live my Life to the fullest, and through this, I share with you dreaming.   How to Dream: Choose. Choosing is not decided by your father, your mother, your uncle or whoever thinks they know what is best for you. It must be from within you. It should be a clamor waiting to be heard. It’s always within you; you know what it is; Undying and true. Desire. You must want something that is worth pursuing for. If your desire is not enough, then you should think about if it is really what you want or you’re your just being lazy and scared. Decide. It is important that you do things wisely so if you have drafted your dream, then make a blueprint. Set out goals and timetable, no time should be wasted. Fulfilling your Dream: Courage: You must first and foremost be ready to do it. It won’t be easy I bet it, but all great things don’t come in handy. It will be hard but it will be worth it. Take Risk: Not taking the risk is the greatest hazard that you’ll ever encounter. Don’t live with what ifs, live with experiences! Act: First is the self-improvement, you have to assess which necessary skill must be attained in the long run. They may or may not be acquired consciously but believe me, if you learn it, the dream will just be a bonus. Persistence: The most problem with dreamers are not the resources, the skills but sometimes it’s their habit. If one makes a habit of going to excellence and self-improvement, definitely they are aiming for their dreams. Network: No man is an Island. You can get help from people to be your mentor even your enemies can develop your skills. It is important to build a group where you will be pushed by criticism, suggestions and relation. Choose them wisely. Be at your best: The greatest weapon for this journey is not to settle for mediocrity. Always do your best; for the best people in our history identified themselves to everyone as a humble man of greatness. They were related from stories to stories according to their work. Some tips for dreamers: “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.” (Romans 8:28) Yes, indeed, we have a blessing from the up above. You must be more confident. Purpose comes in not only for first timers. Sometimes, it takes more than 100 experiences before you appreciate what you are truly meant for. If you fall, rise again. As I say, it won’t be easy, you’ll get lost. You will hunger, feel alone, fall down and discouraged but what the heck? Shit happens, there’s nothing you can do but rise up and do better. You don’t lose. There will be millions of opportunities to be given to you every day. What you have lost isn’t really regrettable because if you lost something, it only means, it’s not meant for you. Something better is on its way, so learn to decipher yours and decide to use it well. I am very inspired by Bo Sanchez Book for dreamers, and He can who thinks he can by Orison Swett Marden. Now, I encourage you to dream with me, let us dream our dreams and live with them. There is no age limit or qualification because you are made of a purpose; GLORY.

Mark Hugh Neri

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