What Is Affiliate Marketing?

There are many ways on how one can make money on the internet. There's people who do freelance jobs such as writing and encoding while some technical guys can go as far as software scripting and web development. There are also people who takes opportunity in the traffic of their websites through Google Adsense. Some sell their own products online or sometimes they establish an online buy and sell sites while some people promote other people's products and services that will share them profit after the owner made a sale - this is what we call Affiliate Marketing.

Is Affiliate Marketing for you?

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

In simple terms, affiliate marketing is a business strategy when the product or service owner asks other people to promote or market their product and when they made a sale, they will share a certain percent of profit to them. In simpler term - I tell the world what product you have, you pay me after you sell it.

How do you make money on the Internet using Affiliate Marketing?

First, you need to register to an affiliate network company. There are many options to choose from. There is Commission Junction, Amazon Associates, E-bay Partner Network, and Clickbank among many others. You don't have to spend a single dollar for your affiliate account as registration to these affiliate networks is free of charge.

Best Affiliate Programs

Here are some of the top companies that most Internet-marketers use.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction is an affiliate marketing company which is owned by ValueClick. Aside from affiliate marketing services, they also offer tracking and media services. Once registered as an affiliate you have to apply to apply to individual's affiliate program you are interested in. One good thing about CJ is the wide range of products you can choose to promote that can almost match any kind of website that you may have. Some affiliate partners earns from several hundreds of dollars up to several thousands of dollars.


ClickBank is a company which holds an online marketplace for digital information products. Digital content creators can add their products on the site while affiliate marketers will choose from the list to promote on their individual sites. What they boast about is the opportunity to earn as much as 75% of the product price.

Amazon Associates

Amazon is one of the best online selling place for a variety of products. If you are going to join the program, there's a bigger chance to earn since you are being backed by a big name in the industry. As a personal user of this program, there are a lot of advertising materials to choose from and include in your site - from links, banners and widgets, the Amazon Associates program is one of the best out there.

ebay Partner Network

The eBay Partner Network is somewhat similar to Amazon Associates as they both are backed up with the biggest names in the industry today. However, the registration to the eBay Partner Network has become more stricter as you need to prove that your site where you will put the affiliate banners and links has quality content and can be regarded as a profitable site.

The Tricks of the Trade There is a technique you can experiment on to boost your income as you do affiliate marketing. This technique requires some skills and knowledge in SEO.

1. Research for the keywords that are most likely used by potential buyers. The keywords such as 'reviews' and 'prices' partnered with the name of the product you are promoting can give you better conversions.

2. Optimize your page for those keywords. Once you already know what keywords you have to target. Perform on-page SEO first on your site. Provide quality content such as intensive review of the product, its price and location where you can buy it. Also, make sure that you place the affiliate banners and links appropriately.

3. Promote through Social Media. As an additional source of traffic of potential buyers, make sure you promote the page through posting to the most popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Also, as people loves visual materials, posting to media-rich social networks such as Pinterest and Instagram can greatly improve your reach and potential conversions.

If you have a website or blog that has a great amount of traffic for product-focused keywords, then affiliate marketing can add another boost to your online income. Is there any other tip that you might want to share? Please let me know by putting it on the comments section below. Thank you!

Information and Image Credits: wikipedia.org, amazon.com, http://ugettingbetter.com

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