Why I Blog About Personal Finance?

I am no perfect guy. I don't have a million in my bank accounts. I am your typical guy who works at least 8 hours a day. I am perfectly buried deep in debts (mostly credit card debts). I am not a financial expert. I am not event an investment or insurance agent. I haven't had any accounting subjects except for the Engineering-related ones from where I learn only about formulas and computations. I am not a money expert. But why on Earth am I blogging about personal finance? I am your typical employee. I work on the office, attend meetings, provide technical support, and stay in the front of my laptop for most of the time. You must have wondered - a technical guy who only knows how to make software program is telling you something about money, stocks, mutual funds, investing, and finance?

A bit of a History won't hurt.

I have not been aware of what blogs are until 2009 where I tried to search for someone when I was still an intern. My first ever blog was at kimerran.livejournal.com. Since then, I have tried blogging with a goal to record my daily experiences pretty much like a diary. I have transferred to-and-from different blogging platforms such as Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr. All of the blogs I created are personal and most of my posts are written in my local language.

My first ever blog

Fast forward to 2011

I have started my journey to financial freedom last 2011. It began when I stumbled upon a site where I have downloaded a copy of the book 'My Maid Invests in the Stock Market' by Bo Sanchez. Starting that time, I became 'addicted' to learning more about financial what's and how's. I suddenly became really interested. I researched, I read from blogs and forums, and even watched YouTube videos about it. It was also last 2011 when I have started investing in mutual funds and got an insurance. I created a Blogger site called peratbp.blogspot.com. After some time, I bought my very first domain name peratbp.com and together with my friend Reyman, we posted about personal finance and motivational articles. On May 2012, I renamed the site to Money Gizmo and registered a new domain - moneygizmo.net. The goal has not changed. I just made it more clearer that it is about personal finance. The Gizmo term comes from the word gadget so combining the two means 'money gadget' or a tool you can use to know more about finance.

It's all about Sharing

I am very happy that the reach of this site is already growing. Two years ago I only have a few visits a day. The most I get was about 20 per day. This last two months, I average at least 200-250 views per day and that alone is an accomplishment for me. That only means that there are more people now who learns about how they can improve their financial knowledge and one of their resources is this blog. I personally would like to thank you, readers, who takes time to read my 'not-so-perfect' articles about personal finance. You comments and suggestions are always welcome in every post that I made so that I can further improve it.

Share your Personal Finance experiences

I would like to invite you to share your knowledge about the same and let's make it a goal together to reach out to those people who wants to learn more about money, investments, stocks, mutual funds and all things that covers personal finance. Share what you know by posting it here at Money Gizmo. Though life is a bit difficult at present, it won't stop me from this journey.

Mark Hugh Neri

Looking for financial planning workshop or for life and/or health insurance with investment options? Got questions related to personal finance? Feel free to message me at Money Gizmo (see link below)

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