You Just Don't Give Up - 10 Ways To Avoid Giving Up

Life is like travelling a very very long journey. You will encounter bumps and speedways. You will encounter unpaved roads, smooth road and almost any kind of road you can think of. The most important thing is - don't just give up. Everyday, a lot of people encounter a lot of trials and sometimes mishaps. Some would definitely get out and make their way out of their problems like nothing happened while some would be buried and would think that there's nothing more they can do to get out. I have encountered a lot of problems myself and there are times that I almost have given up. So, here I am writing about some things that can help you avoid the 'giving-up' attitude. 1. Challenge yourself. You will not know that you can pass through you problems when you don't accept them. Accept the fact that you need to face your problems because that would be the first step. 2. Positive Mental Attitude. Don't you dare wear a black aura anytime, anywhere. If you are a person having a negative mentality, possibility is you will die young. People who are negative in almost any aspect of life can commit suicide. So, just smile at problems. You will solve it - that's for sure. 3. Have a Brave Heart. You will not be given a challenge you cannot pass through. The only thing you need is courage. Step that foot forward and begin solving! 4. Everybody Commits Mistakes. A line from a Michael Jackson song says 'You are not alone.' You are not the only one having that kind of problem or challenge. If you cannot solve it now, so what? There's always tomorrow and everybody's not perfect. 5. Learning from a Mistake is better. Remember that people remembers your mistakes more than the good things you've done. Same goes with your problems, you learn more from your mistakes than you learn from having none. 6. Solution is a Worked Problem. You cannot have the solution when you do not face your trials and problems by giving up. Solutions can be beneficial to you to your future. 7. Value of Friendship and Family. Value people not problems. If you got a big problem, think of your family and friends. You can appreciate them more when problems arise. 8. More problems, More solutions. The more problems you have, the less likely it will put a burden on you someday when you encounter the same. It is like eating different kind of foods and you become familiar with the taste and even the correct way to eat it - the next time you are served the same food someday. 9. Raise the flag sometime. Accept the fact that you cannot win everytime. It is okay if you want to give up. Just don't make it a habit. 10. God is Good. When all else fails, there will always be God. Though this would be the last point, you should always remember that we have a bigger God even to your biggest problems. I hope these simple thoughts can help you become aware that giving up should be the last word in our vocabulary in travelling this journey called Life.

Mark Hugh Neri

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