Your Dream Should Be SMART

We often hear this abbreviation in the world of business and finance. We are often told to be SMART in creating business goals or sales plans. SMART means Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-framed. Everyone has a dream. A dream of having a good life. A dream of having his dream house, a dream of having a brand new car, a dream of travelling the world, a dream of helping the ones who are in need, a dream of having a big family, a dream of being on the top of his or her career, a dream of success. And I am thinking if this same idea can be applied to our dreams. [panel-image src=""] Let's discuss how having a SMART dream can be obtained [impt text="SPECIFIC:"] You should define your dream to be as specific and detailed as possible. If you area dreaming of having a good life then it is a bit vague and is not very specific. You should rather say 'I want to live a life where my family eats at least three times a day'. That's one example of having a specific dream. Or if you say 'I want to have a brand new car', that is not a specific dream. 'I want to have a color blue Toyota Fortuner someday' is what you need to tell yourself.[divider] [impt text="MEASURABLE:"] Being measurable quantifies the amount of dreams you want to have. If you wanted to have your dream house, you can start by saying 'I want to have two of my dream houses, one in the city, and one in the province that will serve as a rest house. Or if you are dreaming to have a large money in your bank account, you should say how much you want to have. Maybe a couple of thousand dollars, or a hundred thousand or even a million-dollar savings account. What's important is you have to quantify in numbers whatever dreams you have.[divider] [impt text="ACHIEVABLE and REALISTIC:"] Do not dream your dreams - achieve it! Your dreams should act as a fire-starter, a motivation and something that would push you further. It should not stay as a dream for the rest of your life. So, my tip would be - dream of what really can happen in real life. Do not dream of obtaining the whole world or anything that only happens in movies. Be realistic![divider] [impt text="TIME-FRAMED or TIME-BOUND:"] We do not have an infinite time of living in this world. Sooner or later we all die. This answers the WHEN question of your dreams. When do you want to achieve your dreams. When do you want to have that dream house, when do you want to buy that blue-colored Toyota Fortuner. When do you want to have a big family. Maybe in 2 years, or 5 years or 10 years depending on how much resources you have now. The most important is you have to set a deadline on your dreams.[divider] I hope this short article would help you on having a Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound dreams. Happy dreaming! Image from

Mark Hugh Neri

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